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About Us

delicious. magazine

The time is right for delicious. – we aim to be the magazine that the UK’s growing band of food lovers can't wait to get their hands on each month, an unashamed celebration of food. And we want you to share in the fun.

We’ve packed the magazine with inspirational recipes, all illustrated with stunning photography and designed to suit your busy lifestyle. There’s everything you could possibly need to cook up a storm, from sexy assembly suppers to dishes that take time but are well worth the wait.

We're thrilled that the best chefs in Britain have given delicious. their support and are sharing their recipes, ideas and secrets with you in each issue.

The chefs first knew the magazine from their tours down under, where delicious. Australia, our sister magazine, is winner of Magazine of the Year.

Look out for Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein, Nigella Lawson, Simon Rimmer, Angela Hartnett, Tom Norrington-Davies, Jill Dupleix and many more of your favourite chefs.

Editor Karen Barnes and food director Angela Boggiano have also been slaving over a hot stove to create special recipes and how-to ideas that will appear every month.

Quality seasonal ingredients are vital to the cook and delicious. will show you where to find the very best on offer. We'll be talking to the people who grow, produce, cook and serve them – people who are as passionate about producing great food as you are about cooking and eating it.

We'll be bringing you the best of the new kitchen accessories, helping you select wines both for every day of the week and for special occasions, as well as bringing you all the latest food news and gossip. Everything the modern food lover wants, in fact.

delicious. is a new kind of food magazine, and we are all dedicated to making it a magazine that's right for your kind of lifestyle. We need your input, so please write or email: readers@deliciousmagazine.co.uk to let us know what you think of delicious. magazine. If you'd like to remark on the website, please email: webeditor@deliciousmagazine.co.uk.

Your views will ensure the magazine and website are as delicious. as they can be.

delicious. magazine and deliciousmagazine.co.uk are part of Eye to Eye Media Ltd.



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March 3

I would like to cancel my magazine subscription - How do I do this?


October 14

I would like to cancel my magazine subscription - can you please let me know what I need to do. Regards Robert


February 25

i wish to cancel my subscription as i feel a lot of recipes are now being repeated as i have all 101 issues please cotact me on jac42@sky.com thx


December 16

I would really like to cancel the membership as soon as possible please can someone contact me on speedmerchantsltd@gmail.com as I need to cancel this immediately.


April 4

I agree with Sarahsp2! An index every 3-4 months will be a brilliant idea! I have to make a cake for a birthday and I have so many issues and so many magazines I am going crazy to find one I like....


January 31

i love your magazine, but one bug bear is remembering which magazine a reciepe is in, would it not be better if every so many issiues you were to have an index so it would be easier to find what your looking for instead of taking forever looking through each magazine then sometimes still not finding what your l;ooking for, i bet im not the only one who thinks this


February 10

being married to one who considers himself a master chef and my function to be the sous chef(read washer up when there are no more pans left in the cupboard)I must thank Delicious for making life so much easier with recipes that do not need more than one pan! When the postman delivers your magazine I have to say it goes to his study first and comes back with ink marks and other methods of identification.We have also saved a fortune on careful perusal of the wine suggestions,it is great to know one does not have to spend a fortune to have a really enjoyable meal. Keep up the good work in these difficult times. Sarah Adler

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