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Amaretto [am-uh-ret-oh]

Amaretto [am-uh-ret-oh]

This sweet almond-scented liqueur tends to appear after dinner, and sometimes finds its way into Italian desserts. Don’t confuse with amaretti: small biscuits which, er, tend to appear after dinner and sometimes find their way into Italian desserts. Surprisingly, amaretto is made primarily from fruit stones rather than almonds. Serve on the rocks or make a Godfather cocktail by adding Scotch whisky in equal measures.

Recipes with amaretto

Blueberry syllabub trifles
St-Emilion au chocolat torte


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October 17

I must admit I prefer the biscuits!


October 16

I'm a big fan of rice wine when in Vietnam, but as a pricey alternative, it's amaretto every time!

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