Christmas hampers

Hampers are always a special gift to receive, especialy for foodies like us who delight in the treats that they contain. Here's our round-up of hampers for Christmas, including ones for kids, students, vegans, allergy sufferers and many more!

Christmas hampers

For the anglophile

Selfridges' charming Best of British Hamper comes packed with traditional English condiments and sweets, a little black taxi, and a yellow cracker that offers a chance to win an Anya Hindmarch handbag. The larger size includes, amongst other extras, a chocolate Monopoly board game, Monty python DVD and bottle of champage.  £65 or £140, Selfridges

For the allergy sufferer

Good old Marks & Sparks has an array of hampers to choose from, including this considerate mix of treats, teabags, condiments, coffee and champagne that people who are sensitive to gluten can enjoy. £55, M&S.

For the bohemian

A Christmas fruit cake, organic hazelnut crunch truffles, a gourmet jar of honey with sour cherries and savoury nuts are just some of the delights presented in a Moroccan-style lantern which can be used afterwards. £59, Ripe Gifts.

For the chocaholic

A chocolate lover's dream – and it's ethical too! The Divine Extravangance Kit is choc full of Fairtrade chocca so the only thing to feel guilty about is the calories. £45, Ethical Superstore.

For the coffee craver

Cafédirect – a Fairtrade-friendly company – has teamed up with The Gluttonous Gardener to create this hamper, containing gourmet Palenque fresh ground coffee from Mexico, coffee beans smothered in dark chocolate and a  live coffee plant, which will thrive in a British climate. £40, The Gluttonous Gardener.

For the sweet lover

Give sweets to your sweetheart this Christmas; they'll love you for this gift box full of posh chocs, including Rose and Violet Dark Chocolate and a Nougat Tasting Pack.  £80, Fortnum & Mason

For the organic-minded

Those familiar with Abel & Cole's organic fresh produce boxes will be just as pleased with the gift hampers that are packed with delightful organic treats for the festive period, plus a cookbook. It's great for a busy host, or treat yourself and your family. We love Christmas hamper; £95 & We really love Christmas hamper; £120, Abel & Cole.

For the vegan

A limited edition hamper containing Christmassy vegan treats including tapas and nibbles, stuffed dates, dairy-free chocolate mint thins, exotic Turkish delight and mulled berry punch. £96, Ripe Gifts.

To get the kids cooking

Containing 'Make your Own Fairy Cakes' and “'Make your own Gingerbread Men' this children's cooking kit is ethical too – the bag it comes in is made from recycled plastic bottles. £30, M&S.

To keep the kids quiet

Food + games galore = happy kids. This hamper includes sweets, a disposable camera and photo album, DVD and board game, plus note cards for your little loves to write their thank yous after Christmas. £75, Selfridges.

To share with friends on Christmas Eve

Having friends over and don't want to spend the night slaving over a hot stove? Then the Loch Fyne  ‘Bothy Supper’ box is ideal. Sirloin burgers, sausages, smoked salmon, whisky cake and Springbank Malt Whisky are included so you can kick back and catch up with minimum fuss. £47.60, Loch Fyne.

For some holiday nostalgia

Transport your loved ones to the sunny climes of Spain with an authentic Paella Hamper that includes all the essential items required for this traditional dish, such as organic olive oil, paella rice, bonito tuna, an individually numbered box of saffron, and salted marcona almonds. All you need to add is shellfish. £60, Rockett St George.

For the student

A simple yet must-have box for students looking forward to a new term. Mindful of the fact that many students live on toast, this hamper offers an array of condiments, chocolates and shortbread for a quick snack, a Beyond Baked Beans cookbook, plus those all-important accessories – a bottle opener and bottle stop. £46, Foodieboxes

For that special someone

A Fortnum & Mason iconic hamper is always going to thrill the receiver – included in the traditional whicker basket are Champagne Truffles, Marcona Almonds, LBV Port, Champagne and Claret. A  rather sophisticated way to say 'I love you' or  'thanks very much'. £100, Fortnum & Mason.


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June 20

There are some excellent Hampers here but I always use Ripley Hampers. They have been trading since 1832 and call me old fashioned but I like old UK based companys as now a-days everyone seems to be starting a business. Yuo cant buy heritage.

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