December issue out now!

This month is about coming together to share the best festive fare. Whether you’re making gifts or planning Christmas dinner we have inspiration and recipes to celebrate this wonderful time of the year.

December issue out now!

 Plus we’ve comfort food from James Martin, vegetarian inspiration for Christmas day and more.

 Make and share gifts

There’s nothing better than a homemade gift and especially an edible one! Check out these wonderful recipes ideal for giving to friends and family this Christmas.

King of comfort food

James Martin cooks up his take on the comforting apres-ski classic Tartiflette, perfect for warming you up this winter.

Christmas lunch sensation

Christmas is a great opportunity to cook up a feast for friends and family. To make sure it’s stress free we’re sharing some of our favourite recipes and top tips for successful festive entertaining.

Maria Elia's vegetarian Christmas

Looking for an alternative Christmas menu this year? Maria Elia explores the finest winter ingredients to create a celebratory meal packed with colour, taste and texture.

Three wise ingredients

Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall shows us how to take as few as three fantastic ingredients and marry them together for satisfying winter meals.

Band of bakers

Baking has grown in popularity over the years and now we’re seeing baking clubs pop up all around the country. This month find out more about the band of bakers and some of their favourite recipes.

Shortcut suppers

Wonderful easy recipes, even when you’re in a hurry. Plus, to make it simple you can pick up everything you need in a one-stop shop.

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October 31

Fab magazine much prefer it to some of the others out there

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