delicious. mag recipe index

For those loyal delicious. readers who keep their magazines each month, you may find our downloadable recipe index useful...

delicious. mag recipe index

We have over 4,000 recipes from delicious. magazine on the website but, alas, we're unable to feature all the ones published in the magazine online.

The recipe index catalogues all the recipes that have featured in delicious. magazine up until the May 2014 edition. Keep the pdf on your computer and do a search and find to discover which issue your favourite recipes featured in. Please note, this is a large document so we don't recommend that you print it!

Download the recipe index


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November 8

I tore out and used the recipe for Blueberry and lemon squares from June 3013 and I have lost it! Can anyone please let me have the recipe - it is on the index but I can not find the recipe online.


December 16

Hi Everyone, Can anyone help me please. I have lost the recipe for... Mushroom and Gorgonzola tarts Oct 2008 p110 I made them and they were fantastic but have tried to remember the recipe and there is definitely something missing! Would love to do them for a starter on Christmas Day, hope someone is kind enough to help. Merry Christmas, John.


December 16

Please can I have the recipe for Rick Stein's spiced red wine jelly with ginger and cinnamon cream?


August 7

What a great idea - hopefully this will save me loads of time whenIi want a specific recipe. Thank you.


May 4

I don't think your list is complete. I have tried searching for some recipes from August 2012 and they are not listed. Also September and October 2012. And February 2013. I love this idea in principle, but it will not be very useful if it is not complete. A full and complete update would be appreciated, or if possible a CSV or Excel version for us newbies who have only got the magazines from 2012 onwards etc. Thanks.


March 13

In the feb issue? There was a recipe on the front cover for I think I pie which had basically a roast chicken dinner inside it including veg and potatoes. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the recipe and what it was called.


March 13

I have torn out and then lost the recipe for Chocolate Cheesecake from Issue February 2013 Page 100. Can anyone help? Visitors coming tomorrow.


June 19

Does anyone have a copy of this from MAY 2009 p99 issue. Its brilliant and i have lost mine. Been searching hours. mascarpone cheesecake with vin santo and cantucci


June 1

This sounds brilliant but I cant download it. Help please?


May 19

I cant download the recipe index even though ive registered :(

Lorna Grant

April 11

ooops! sorry for the typos!

Lorna Grant

April 11

We are now in April 2012, you Recipe index says it is up to Jan 2012, but when I download it, its actually only still up to Jan 2011. Surely it is now time ti get the index updated...... PLEASE GUYS !!!!!


April 3

Hello All! Can anyone help me? We moved and I lost my family's ALL TIME FAVOURITE recipe: Baked courgettes with tomato and Taleggio, Oct 2009 p120. I tried to find and buy a copy of that particular Delicious but to no avail. Does anyone here have this issue still and can pass on the recipe? I'd be super grateful!

Louise Symonds

February 6

Hi I have half a recipe for the Atul Kutcher Beef Bhuna gosht with mushroom sauce, where can I get the full recipe? Your help would be appreciated.


January 15

I don't see how we can be expected to keep all the magazines. I know I have asked this before with no satisfactory answer but here goes: why can't delicious do what Waitrose and Good Food do with all the recipes I have saved online i.e. allow me to organise them into categories like 'cakes', 'meat', 'starters' etc? It makes it so easy to find a recipe. I have huge folders of cut-out recipes that are bulging so have simpy stopped buying the magazine.


November 21

Helenmacca - I don't think you stupidly cut out the recipe, I think it was never actually printed... I was looking through this copy today and like the look of that recipe and realised that pages 66 and 67 are actually missing! Can anybody help me with getting hold of the recipes from these pages?


October 30

Can anyone give me the recipe for' Karma Soupra' which came from the Leon article in the Feb 2006 issue. Stupidly I cut out the recipe and have lost it so now I still have the rest of the magazine but not the bit I really want! Thanks!


October 11

Hello, I happened upon the Sept issue at the dentists where there was a recipe for a Limoncello Layer dessert... I have trolled the site but am unable to trace the recipe :( .... Anyone know where it would be ????


October 11

Meant to say "I'm abroad and without my Delicious magazine collection"...


October 11

I'm hoping someone can help me with a recipe. I'm abroad and really fancy eating the "Rich Chilli Beef with Avocado and Rice" in the Septemer 2006 issue. Any chance someone would be kind enough to tell me the ingredients?


September 25

Why can you just not write what magazine the recipe come from under the recipe? I like to keep my magazines but it so time consuming when I search to find what magazine they are from that in the end I just print the recipe. Waste off paper and waste of a magazine. Both Olive magazine and BBC good food does this, so much simpler. All you have to do is type the recipe and it tells you what magazine features this and I can walk up to my book shelf and pull the magazine out.


August 2

This is great! Just what I need. Thanks Delicious! :o)


May 5

Unable to save recipe index to my computer!


January 5

Do you have any magazine binders to store delicious magazines in? I have tried the one from Rymans but it isn't strong enough! I love using my mags but wish they were easier to look at! thanks emma


October 7

delicious magazine UK is broken down by issues, not volumes - could you be confusing it with the Australian edition? Unfortunately, much as we'd love to cross-reference the index by issues and in CSV format we can only offer the pdf at present. Regards, Debra, web editor.


September 22

How do I search by volume. I don't have a copy of the magazine, and want to see some of the recipes in Volume 7.


December 20

This index is great! I'm glad I didn't throw away all my old copies of Delicious.


October 31

This would be even more useful if it was in CSV format. You could then import the index into a spreadsheet or database and searching would be much quicker and easier than looking through 150 pages.

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