Food events: March 2012

Celebrate The Welsh and Irish with St David's Day and St Patrick's Day this month, while fantastic events, festivals and markets showcase the best of British as we travel nationwide to bring you March's top foodie events. 

Food events: March 2012

1 March
St David's Day 

St David lived a monastic lifestyle, teaching his followers to drink only water and eat nothing but bread with salt and herbs. There’s no need to follow his example when celebrating Wales' national day, however. Wales is bursting with fabulous food producers so indulge in some early spring lamb, Caerphilly cheese and – of course – leeks. And don’t forget to pin a daffodil in your buttonhole. A Welsh menu.

1-11 March
Wigan Food and Drink Festival 
Wigan, Lancashire

The largest food and drink festival in the north west returns with food demonstrations, special events and local tours. It's sure to be a fantastic festival this year with appearances from the areas top chefs and celebrity guest Simon Rimmer.  Website.

2-4 March
Tastes of Anglia Feast East 
Chilford Hall, Linton, Cambridge

Enjoy wonderful, locally-produced food and drink from the six counties of east England at this weekend festival. There will be a wide range of produce including cakes and bread, ham, soups and beer. Demonstrations and masterclasses from the region’s best chefs are also promised. Website.

World Pasty Championships
3 March

The Eden Project 

The first World Pasty Championships will celebrate the traditional Cornish pasty recipe, as well as some more unusual varieties. Not only that, everyone is invited to take part, with four categories including professional and amateur Cornish Pasty and Open Pasty groups. If you'd like to sign up simply visit the website, entries cost £10 per pasty and includes entry for you and a friend on March 3rd. 

7-13 March
British Pie Week 

What could be better than a whole week dedicate to the Great British Pie. With awards, recipes and promotions this week is a great opportunity to celebrate the humble pie. Indulge your comfort food cravings and cook up a fantastic pie for friends and family in celebration. Website.

7-9 March
London Drinker Beer and Cider Festival 
Camden Centre, Bidborough Street, London WC1H

Enjoy this fantastic festival in honour of real ale and cider, it's a great opportunity to learn from the experts and try an astonishing variety of British beers and ciders as well as a selection of imported beverages. The event is catered by CAMRA volunteers with the promise of varied, good quality food to match the pints. Website.

9-11 March
La Dolce Vita 
Business Design Centre, London

This event offers the chance to sample a bit of Italy without getting on a plane, although you will still have to leave the country if you want the Italian sunshine. You’ll be able to sample a huge range of food and wine whilst browsing the Italian property and hotel stalls. Website

16-18 March 
The Edible Garden Show
Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

This fantastic show is a great way to educate yourself on growing your very own vegetables, fruits and herbs. With a huge range of exhibits and hands-on activities you're sure to pick up a few hints and tips for your very own garden. Website

17 March 
St Patrick's Day 
Ireland and Worldwide 

This Irish public holiday is incredibly popular around the world, with people of Irish descent celebrating alongside people of all nationalities. Enjoy a pint of Guinness alongside a hearty Irish stew as well as getting involved with the festivities in your local area. An Irish favourite.

17-18 March

A celebration of all things vegan! Head to Brighton for this vibrant festival where you can not only pick up some fantastic produce but you can also sample a variety of food and juices, pick up great nutritional advice and enjoy a vegan cookery class or two. Website. 

24 March
Fifteen Cornwall Spring Farmers Market 
Extreme Academy car park, Watergate Bay

Discover more about Cornwall with this exciting food festival, with local suppliers showcasing their wonderful produce and head chef, Andy Appleton demonstrating the latest dishes alongside other guest chefs. From spring vegetables to Cornish fish, local meat to artisan foods, the Spring Farmers Market has it all. Website.

24-25th March
Cornish beer and mussel festival
Cornish Arms, St Merryn, Cornwall

Rick and Jill Stein’s Cornish Arms, together with St Austell Brewery are hosting their first Beer and Mussel Festival. As well as enjoying a variety of mussel dishes and a selection of more than 30 beers, guests can enjoy live music as well as a book signing by Rick Stein on Saturday morning at 11am. Website.

25-31 March
National Butchers' Week 

Throughout the week you'll find a range of activities to raise the profile of the butchery trade among consumers and promote local butchers as the best place to buy meat. If you’re looking for interesting cuts, unusual breeds, local produce or cooking advice and help with preparation, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know your local butcher. Website


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