July Events

Summer is a wonderful time to slap on the sunscreen and head off to your local foodie festivals. Here are a few that we recommend popping down to. 

July Events

Hampshire Food Festival
1st July - 31st July 2012

Enjoy a month of foodie treats with cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs James Martin and Rachel Allen, and meet local producers to see how our food and drink is grown, reared and produced. 

Nottingham Food and Drink Festival
4 July - 8 July 2012
Nottingham market square, Nottinghamshire

Over 40 stalls and a new beer and wine sampling area, as well as restaurants and bars across the city centre hosting a varied programme of events and masterclasses.

Taste of Edinburgh
6th July - 8th July 2012
The Meadows, Edinburgh 

The best Scottish food, drink and culinary talent celebrated in this beautiful city. Head to Scotland for three days of summer eating, drinking and entertainment.

Dorset Seafood Festival
7 July - 8 July 2012
Weymouth Harbour

Enjoy the local catch at the Dorset Seafood Festival with over 80 stalls showcasing fresh seafood and fish dishes. Plus, learn from celebrity chefs including Mark Hix, Mitch Tonks, Mat Follas and Ashley Palmer-Watts.

St Martin's Courtyard Global Food Festival 
14 July 2012
St Martin's Courtyard, Covent Garden, London

Taste your way around the world as a celebration of food, drink and culture. All six restaurants; Bill’s, Cantina Laredo, Dishoom, Dalla Terra, Jamie’s Italian and Suda, will be hosting tastings, demonstrations and activities, transforming St Martin’s Courtyard into a vibrant open air street food market in the heart of London.

The Glynde Food & English Wine Festival
14 July - 15 July 2012
Glynde Place, East Sussex

Explore English wine through tastings at the vineyards’ stands and Tutored Tastings. There will also be chef demonstrations from John Torode, Dhruv Baker, Peter Bayless, Tim Anderson and Lisa Faulkner.

Chilli Fest UK
14th July - 15th July 2012
Shoreham-by-sea, West Sussex

If the great British summer isn't hot enough for you, Chilli Fest UK might just be! Come and meet a variety of independent chilli traders and growers from all over the UK selling products from chilli plants to snacks, chilli vodka cocktails and more!

2012 Essex Festival of Food and Drink
21st July - 22nd July 2012
Cressing Temple Barns, Cressing, Nr Braintree, Essex

Join over a 100 exhibitors from all over East Anglia and a small selection of specialist food producers from around the country. Plus, meet celebrity chefs Aldo Zilli and Gino D’Acampo.

The Big Cheese Festival
27th July 2012
Caerphilly, Wales

Join in with this family friendly event to celebrate the culture and history of Caerphilly. Plus, enjoy the famous "Great Cheese Race".



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