Make this year's Christmas lunch your best ever

Learn how to perfect the festive meal and much more on our new course. Includes FREE delicious. apron and a year's subscription to delicious. magazine for every course-goer.

Make this year's Christmas lunch your best ever

Creating a complicated meal for lots of people can be a huge challenge, even for professional chefs. And on Christmas Day, it’s harder still. The delicious. cookery school has come to the rescue with a new course: delicious. Christmas dinner. This fun one-day course at Devon’s Ashburton Cookery School is guaranteed to take the hassle out of the big day.

Under the expert tuition of qualified chef-tutors, you’ll transform your Christmas from stressful to triumphant – all with the delicious. seal of approval. You’ll receive clever time-saving tips, polish your organisational skills, pick up presentation tricks and learn fantastic Christmas recipes. You’ll take on canapés, mince pies, indulgent puds, alternatives to turkey – and, of course, the perfect Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. And when it’s all done, you’ll enjoy your festive feast with a glass of wine.
Based in the foodie Devon town of Ashburton, it promises to be a fun-filled, skill-sharpening day.

delicious. Christmas dinner – £165

  • Custom-designed by delicious. magazine
  • Professional tuition from expert chef-tutors
  • Meal, wine and refreshments included
  • Pretty Dartmoor location
  • En-suite rooms available: call 0843 289 5555 or visit

FREE delicious.
apron and a year's subscription to delicious. magazine for every course-goer


-Monday 3 December
-Tuesday 4 December
-Saturday 8 December
-Tuesday 11 December
-Wednesday 19 December

For full details and to book, please call 0843 289 0829 or visit


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November 19

the best christmas ever!


October 13

wow christmas has come at once with this

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