Win £100 with the ultimate bake-off

Take part in the delicious. magazine ultimate bake-off and be in with the chance of winning a £100 Marks & Spencer gift card. 

Win £100 with the ultimate bake-off

Inside our March issue, you'll find two sumptuous cake recipes courtesy of the judges from The Great British Bake Off. Mary Berry shares her decadent recipe for a chocolate and orange cake, whilst Paul Hollywood treats us to his ultimate carrot cake recipe.

We'd love you to take part in our ultimate bake-off – turn to page 90 in the March issue of delicious. magazine, bake one each of Mary's and Paul's cakes (or more!), then host a tasting session – either at work or with a group of friends or family. Ask everyone to decide which cake is their favourite, then let us know by tweeting @deliciousmag using #UltimateBakeOff (include a photo to double your chances!). 

The winning entry will receive an amazing £100 Marks & Spencer gift card!

Closing date: Sunday 1 April

Read the terms and conditions 

For more information and recipes, turn to p90 of the March issue of delicious. magazine 

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March 5

Off work with Pneumonia at the moment, and reading this edition has made me so wish I had my appetite back. Does give me something to look forward too, and have bookmarked both recipes to try. Strongly suspect the chocolate would win in my house, but could be a close run thing when I get back to my office.....thanks so much for such a great read :0)


February 24

Results from my office are 8 for carrot cake and 4 for chocolate cake. The carrot cake is delicious and Paul is quite right, the recipe is so easy!


February 17

12 people voted and chocolate won! :) Will tweet a pic to @deliciousmag now. Thanks! @zizapiz


February 15

Loved the choccy cake!


February 13

7 people preferred the carrot cake & one preferred the chocolate cake. The carrot cake was delicious! Well done Paul!


February 9

I adore carrot cake so decision for me was easy but i was outnumbered - everyone else loved Mary's cake! x


February 8

We enjoyed Mary's cake the best. But then again we all prefer chocolate.


February 4

i love mary berry, and all her recipes are fab!


February 4

thank you for entering me. Baking is my scene


February 2



February 1

Mary's cake is by far the best!

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