Valentine's Day menus

Now here's a way to treat (and impress) someone dear to your heart: lovingly prepare a home-cooked meal for Valentine’s Day. Choose from a Show-off spread, a British menu, French Fancies, a Taste of the Orient, an Italian Extravaganza or a Veggie Feast.

Valentine's Day menus


A Show-off Spread

Buy fresh pasta from a good deli if time is limited.

This lamb is about as sexy as food gets (on a plate). 

These trifles are naughty yet nice.



Best of British Menu

Charm your amour with this retro '70s dish. 

This succulent bird makes classy centrepiece.

Save the best until last: feed each other these treats.


 French Fancies

A very impressive French-inspired starter.

This recipe for sirloin steaks is bistro food at its best.

Classic creme caramels with a potent hit.



A taste of the Orient

A light soup from Asia with a bit of a kick.

A wonderfully spicy, healthy Asian salad.

A particularly refreshing, palate-cleansing finale.


A Veggie Feast

A healthy salad that packs a punch.

Quick and easy and gorgeous.

The perfect make-ahead dessert for a romantic meal.


An Italian Extravaganza 

This simple recipe is romantic and rustic.

A lovely, warming supper dish for two.

Just about the classiest dessert around.



Or bake a cake


More Valentine's Day inspiration

Valentine's Day menu idea

Valentine's Day menu idea

This romantic French-themed three course meal for two is perfect for Valentine's Day or for any other special occasion with a loved one.

Valentine's Day recipes

Valentine's Day recipes

If the way to the heart really is through the stomach then you're sure to win your loved one over with a romantic, home-cooked meal. Find all the inspiration you need with these cute ideas for Valentine's Day.



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