Frozen berry yogurt with passion fruit topping

  • for 6 people
  • Ready in 10 minutes
  • Easy
For a unique, tasty breakfast or sweet treat in under ten minutes, try this fruity frozen yogurt. What's more, it's much healthier than ice cream!

Nutritional info per serving

PER SERVING 155kcals, 7.6g fat (4.9g saturated), 5.3g protein, 16.2g carbs (16g sugars), 0.1g salt, 2.2g fibre

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380g frozen British summer berries
A few fresh basil leaves
6-7 tbsp honey to taste
400g Greek yogurt
100ml milk
3 ripe passion fruit, halved, seeds scooped out
Shortbread biscuits to serve


1. Whizz the berries in a food processor with the basil, honey, yogurt and milk until smooth – taste and add more honey if needed. Transfer to an airtight container and store in the freezer.
2. Take the frozen yogurt out of the freezer 5 minutes or so before serving to soften. Scoop into 6 small bowls, scatter over the passion fruit seeds and garnish with a shortbread biscuit.

  • You can make the frozen yogurt up to 3 days in advance. Try using other frozen fruit such as raspberries or mangoes for a change.

From April 2012

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