Mango and coconut strudel recipe

By Kim Morphew

  1. Serves 6
  2. Takes 20 minutes to make and 30-35 minutes to bake
  3. Rating

A strudel with a tropical twist: mangos, coconut and papaya are used in this recipe. Enjoy with an Alsace dessert wine.

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Mango and coconut strudel


  1. 2 ripe mangoes
  2. 1 ripe papaya
  3. 75g desiccated coconut, plus a little extra for sprinkling
  4. 50g pine nuts
  5. 12 filo pastry sheets, each 30 x 17.5cm
  6. 75g butter, melted
  7. Finely grated zest of 2 limes
  8. 6 tbsp apricot jam


  1. 1. Preheat the oven to 200°C/fan180°C/gas 6. Peel and stone the mango. Peel and deseed the papaya. Chop the mango and papaya into small cubes, put into a large bowl and stir in the coconut and pine nuts.
  2. 2. Unroll the pastry and cover with a clean, slightly damp cloth. In a small bowl, mix the butter with the lime zest. Put 3 sheets of pastry on the work surface, slightly overlapping, to form a rectangle. Brush lightly with some melted butter. Cover with another 3 overlapping sheets, brush with melted butter, then repeat to add 2 more layers of 3 sheets each, reserving a little butter for later.
  3. 3. Spread the fruit along the pastry to within 3cm of the edges. Fold the 2 shorter sides over the filling, and then roll up from a long edge like a Swiss roll. Transfer to a non-stick tray with the join on the bottom.
  4. 4. Using a sharp knife, score the top of the pastry into 6 portions. Brush with the remaining butter and bake for 30-35 minutes, until golden.
  5. 5. Transfer to a serving plate. Warm through the jam with 2 tablespoons water, then drizzle over the strudel. Sprinkle with the extra coconut and serve warm or cold with ice cream.

Nutritional info

Per serving: 375kcals, 25.8g fat (15g saturated), 4.5g protein, 32.3g carbs, 18.7g sugar, 0.2g salt

Wine Recommendation

Wine note: The dessert could be shown off brilliantly with a chilled, aromatic, Alsace dessert wine.


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