Mini cracker cakes recipe

By Felicity Barnum Bobb

  1. Makes 6
  2. Takes 1 hour to make, plus cooling
  3. Rating

These mini cracker cakes look so beautiful you won't want to eat them - so give them away as wonderful presents.

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Mini cracker cakes


  1. 1 quantity of fondant icing (see Peppermint candy canes recipe), or use 1kg of shop-bought ready-to-roll white fondant icing
  2. 6 mini chocolate logs (see Mini chocolate logs recipe – make up to the end of step 4)
  3. Fine ribbon, tinsel and 6 mini icing Christmas decorations, to decorate


  1. 1. Divide the icing into 6 pieces and wrap each piece in cling film. Take 1 piece and roll out on a sheet of baking paper until it’s wide enough to wrap around the cake with 2 ends overhanging. Put a chocolate log in the centre along 1 edge of the icing and roll up to cover the cake, putting the seam underneath.
  2. 2. Pinch the icing on each side to make a cracker shape. Scrunch up some kitchen paper and push into each end to support the icing. Gently press the icing ends to make them slightly wavy. Repeat with the remaining chocolate logs and icing.
  3. 3. Wrap some ribbon and tinsel around each cracker end, then press on the Christmas decorations. Put into a gift box, cover and label.


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