Orange, fennel and marinated feta salad recipe

By Linda Tubby

  1. Serves 4-6
  2. Ready in 20 minutes
  3. Rating

Orange, fennel and feta salad is fresh and clean-tasting. Simple and quick to make, it's ideal to kick-start the system after the excesses of Christmas and New Year. Serve with simply grilled red snapper or mullet fillets. If blood oranges are around, use these instead of clementines.

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Orange, fennel and marinated feta salad


  1. 5 clementines
  2. 300g jar Discover Marinated Feta, drained, with 4 tbsp oil reserved for the dressing
  3. 2 fennel bulbs, trimmed
  4. 2 Forelle pears
  5. 100g young spinach leaves or salad leaves such as pak choi, rocket and red chard
  6. 50g walnut halves, lightly toasted


  1. 1. Make the dressing. Squeeze the juice from
  2. 1 of the clementines into a bowl (you should get about 3 tablespoons). Whisk in the reserved oil from the feta jar, a little at a time. Season with some salt.
  3. 2. Slice the fennel lengthways on a mandolin so the slices are quite thin. Put into a salad bowl. Slice the skin from the rest of the clementines, making sure to take the pith off, too. Slice the flesh into thin rounds and add to the fennel. Cut the pears into quarters and remove the core, then slice each piece into 4. Add to the bowl with the feta cheese and spinach or salad leaves.
  4. 3. Immediately pour over the dressing, season with freshly ground black pepper and toss together. Break the walnuts into pieces over the salad and serve.


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