Bottom’s upIt sounds a tad dull, but with lots of parties and lunches you'll thank nutritionist Juliette Kellow for her tips on how to drink sensibly over the festive period.

Follow these tips for sensible drinking…

  • If you regularly drink at home, buy a spirits measure so you can keep tabs on how much you’re drinking. Or, pour spirits into the glass, before adding ice or mixers so you can see how much is in it.
  • Check serving sizes when you’re out – some bars sell 35ml measures of spirits or even doubles (50ml) as the standard. Beware of huge wine glasses that can hold up to half a bottle of wine!
  • Don’t quench thirst with alcohol. Alcohol will dehydrate you so start with a few alcohol-free drinks.
  • Go easy on cocktails and alcopops. They might not taste alcoholic but can contain four units each and are packed with calories.
  • Help reach your five-a-day by mixing spirits with fruit juices. But remember, juices only count as one of your five daily servings, however much you consume.
  • If you don’t want to pile on the pounds over Christmas, swap lager, cider and wine for a single measure of spirits with a low-calorie mixer.
  • Don’t kid yourself that the mint in your mojito or pineapple in your pina colada is making your drink healthy. It isn’t!
  • If you’re driving, watch out for the alcohol in cakes and puddings, chocolates and trifle – it can all add up.


I f you do end up drinking too much, follow these morning-after tips:

  • Drink as much water as you can before going to sleep and when you wake up.
  • Eat as soon as you can. Alcohol lowers blood sugar so top up levels by filling up on slow-release carbs such as porridge, bananas and wholemeal toast.
  • Avoid the ‘hair of the dog’ – you’ll simply prolong the agony.
  • For further info, visit drinkaware .

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