Notes on oatsOats are versatile and can be combined in different ways to make a variety of products, from muesli, to granola, to coating fish. Here's a handy guide.


  • Oatmeal Ground kernels or groats, in three grades: coarse, medium and fine; Coarse oatmeal requires a lot of soaking before it’s palatable and easy to digest; Medium oatmeal is ideal for porridge, oatcakes, as a coating for fish or meat, stuffings and crumble toppings; Fine oatmeal is ideal for smooth milk puddings or for use as a thickening agent for soups, sauces and gravies.
  • Pinhead oatmeal This is groats chopped into small pieces. Pinhead oatmeal is nutritious because it still has the bran attached. It can be made into traditional porridge – although it takes nearly an hour to cook – or added to soups, stews and toppings for pies and puddings.
  • Rolled (porridge oats) Rolled and flattened groats. Available in jumbo (whole groat) or regular porridge. Used in baking, muesli and porridge.
  • Instant Pinhead steamed longer and rolled even thinner for quick porridge.
  • Oat bran Ground kernel or groats with bran and oat germ separated. It’s used for baking.
  • Oat flour is a fine, smooth-textured flour that makes an ideal thickening agent. It’s also recycled for animal feed.

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