Pressure cooker recipesFor many, the hissing of a pressure cooker is an instant passport back to childhood. After years in the culinary doldrums, this gadget is back in favour. Angela Boggiano creates some pressure cooker recipes – and loves the results.

How does pressure cooking work?
Here’s the science bit… As the pot is heated, the liquid boils, turning into steam, which conducts heat more efficiently than air. The trapped steam also increases the pressure inside the pot. As the pressure increases, the boiling point of the liquid inside increases from 100°C to up to 120°C, which means the food inside cooks in around a third of the time – or less. With less time and opportunity for the juices to escape and evaporate, cooked meat is sure to melt in the mouth – but it’s easy to reduce vegetables to mush, so the pressure cooker isn’t ideal for every dish.

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