The Eggs FactorThe egg/cholesterol myth has finally been dispelled; scientists have found that eggs don't raise cholesterol levels. In fact, eating two a day on a calorie-controlled diet can help you lose weight, which is why you'll enjoy our egg recipes all the more.

And eggs are low in calories, a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, are cheap and easy to prepare. Enjoy them for breakfast, dinner or dessert.




Creamy baked eggs with hot smoked salmon and chives

This scrumptious breakfast or snack can be adapted for vegetarians – swap the salmon for 400g young leaf spinach, wilted and drained of excess liquid, and use vegetarian Parmesan.

Smoked haddock eggs Benedict

Give the brunch classic a twist by pairing it with salty haddock in this brilliant recipe.

Herb scrambled eggs served in their shells

Give yourself a heathy, nutritious start in the morning with these herb scrambled eggs, served in their shells in the manner of boiled eggs.

Oozy mushroom omelettes

A luscious light and fluffy omelette that tastes very indulgent and only costs around £4.26 to make for four people.

Cinnamon eggy bread

This quick recipe uses bread, eggs and cinnamon to make a breakfast the whole family will love.


Main courses


Mushroom, tomato and egg burger

This simple recipe shows you how to conjure up a tasty meal in minutes from ingredients in your store cupboard. Cooked with garlic butter, this mushroom, tomato and egg burger is a veggie delight.


Haddock, cream and soft egg gratin

Bring out the flavour of haddock with this clever recipe.


A very Anglo-Indian egg curry

This is based on a South Indian kari – or sauce – for hard-boiled eggs. I have anglicised it slightly with the addition of celery and potato. It’s good with rice, but you can’t beat it with wilted spinach and lemon wedges. Cold, it makes a great picnic salad.


Egg fried peanut rice

Everyone’s had egg fried rice but try this quick and easy taste of south east Asia. The peanuts and chili gives the whole thing zing.


Baked spinach eggs

A cheat’s version of this nutritious and popular Eggs Florentine-style vegetarian dish.



Eggnog trifles with mixed berry compote

An sophisticated trifle with mixed berries, that’s perfect for a special dinner party.


Chilled lemon soufflé

If the idea of serving a soufflé scares you, don’t worry – this delicate, light lemon soufflé is cold, and is set in the fridge using a little gelatine. The soufflé effect is made with a paper collar, which is put around the dish before it is filled with the mousse. When the paper is removed, it looks as if the soufflé has ‘risen’


Chocolate mousse

The perfect make-ahead dessert for a dinner party, this rich chocolate mousse will never go out of fashion.


Courgette muffins

If you think carrot cake sounds a bit strange, why not confound your friends with these courgette muffins. We implore you not to knock these moreish munchies until you’ve tried them.


Fresh egg custard

Whether you call it crème anglaise, fresh egg custard or even posh custard, this is a treat that can elevate the simplest pudding to something very special. It is the luxurious combination of full-fat milk (no semi-skimmed substitutes here), sugar, fresh eggs and fresh vanilla that makes this silky-smooth sauce so good. But making fresh custard requires one other essential ingredient from the cook: patience.

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