Top tips to make your party go with a bangDo you want to know the secrets to a successful party? It's all in the planning, and the availability of food and copious amounts of drink. Read more here...

1. The secret to a successful party is planning every detail in advance. Remember to give your friends plenty of notice and think about the kind of food you want to serve, taking into account the tastes and ages of your guests.
2. If you’re just having a drinks party, count on six to eight savoury nibbles per person.
3. Once the party has started, keep all cold drinks cool. At a small soirée, keep all bottles except reds in the fridge between servings. For a bigger bash, get some party ice, and use proper ice buckets, or invest in clean plastic buckets to store the drinks.
4. If you have forgotten to chill the whites, put in a wine bucket with ice, water and a handful of salt. This solution has a lower freezing point than water alone, so the temperature will fall below zero.
5. Remember teetotallers, drivers and pregnant friends. Buy some interesting drinks such as elderflower pressé and old-fashioned lemonade, or make a lemon cordial.
6. The amount that people will typically drink varies from person to person, and how much booze you’ll need depends on the sort of gathering you’re having. As a general rule, though, allow around half to three-quarters of a bottle of wine per person.

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