11 reasons to buy our fabulous February issue

Our February 2018 issue can be found in stores from 1 February. Here’s our take on why to buy…

1. Because who doesn’t love a Yorkshire pud?

We’ve got traditional, vegetarian and sweet (trust us) versions of this comforting classic.


2. For food that makes you go ”mmmm…”

From baked smoky meatballs to these warm Nutella puddings with chocolate caramel – these soul-satisfying recipes, from the late Valli Little, will leave you struggling for words, in a good way.


3. Because it’s the month of love…

And do we have a cheesecake for you. A buttery gingersnap biscuit base topped with an orangey, cream cheese filling and decorated with little berry coulis love hearts. Impress that special someone on Valentine’s Day.


4. Because we could all do with a little more sunshine in our lives

The sun may not be showing its face at the moment, so we’re taking summer indoors with dishes that radiate with fiery chilli, earthy spices and zesty, citrus flavours. In the words of delicious. Food Editor Jen Bedloe says, ‘These are ingredients to wake up the palate and warm the soul.’


5. Why February is made for food lovers

Our food writer in residence, Thane Prince, gives plenty of (food-related) reasons why February isn’t as grey as you might think. Including this flaky lamb pie, her cheesy celery gratin and a boozy ginger custard tart.


6. For incredible comfort food recipes…

That happen to be vegan. Exhibit A: This quadruple-tiered chocolate cake, filled with a chocolate buttercream and covered in a rich and fudgey ganache. It fits the bill nicely.


7. For comfort food that’s a little bit lighter

It’s not the time of year to be holding back, which is why we’ve whipped up a few weekend favourites that you can enjoy in a midweek time-frame. This all-in-one potato, spinach and caper fish pie can be on the table and ready to enjoy in less than one hour.


8. So you can make our gorgeous cover star

Steak and chips never goes amiss – especially when served with a buttery pesto hollandaise. Serve this meal for two on Valentine’s Day, or any other day for that matter.


9. To have your cake and eat it, too

We’ve given five classic sweet treats a healthier makeover – all designed to be whipped up in no time.


10. Learn how to make Chinese-style steamed beef dumplings

This month’s challenge sees Sifu Fei Wang guide us through easy-to-follow steps on how to make perfectly soft steamed buns. Filled with tasty barbecue beef and topped with a golden sesame crust, they’re perfect for celebrating Chinese New Year.


11. To find out how hard it is to set up a restaurant

The answer: Quite hard. Sparrow co-owners, Terry Blake and Yohini Nandakumar, tell us just what it took to make their restaurant dream a reality, while letting us in on a few knockout recipes from their seasonal menu.


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