12 reasons to buy our marvellous March issue

Is it March already? Apparently so. In 2018, March is the month when Easter begins, and that much-anticipated four day weekend. And let’s not forget Mothering Sunday on March 11th 2018.

There are plenty of reasons to gather the troops for a few feast-filled days and the delicious. team are here to guide you through each and every occasion. Scroll by for a sneak peek, and 12 reasons to buy our marvellous March issue…

1. For our always-a-winner star: the pasta bake

Every cook needs one of these in their repertoire for when hunger strikes and you have many-a-mouth to feed. Note: a crunchy, cheesy topping is mandatory.


2. For our fabulous Good Friday fish pie

A creamy, lemon and parsley-spiked sauce studded with fish, topped with buttery mash and, of course, a golden cheesy coating. That’s how a fish pie should be, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


3. Because sharing is caring (apparently)

Putting on a platter is an impressive, sociable and fun way to feed a crowd. Try our Scandi-inspired smörgåsbord complete with gorgeous salads and tasty topped-crispbreads, for a stunning spread.


4. For Thomasina Miers’ – and her mother’s – family feast

Thomasina Miers, and her mother, have put together a winning British menu that’s perfect for Easter, Mothering Sunday or any time you have plenty of mouths to feed.


5. For Mary Berry’s Irish stew

Make the most of new-season lamb with Mary Berry‘s foolproof one-pot dish. In her own words, ‘This – one of the original one-pot meals – is full of melt-in-the-mouth lamb and tender vegetables all in a rich, flavoursome gravy topped with crisp potatoes’.


6. Because we’re teaching you how to BRUNCH…

We’ve rounded up the usual suspects – eggs benedict and smashed avo – while putting a few slightly more daring breakfast dishes on the menu. Because crab soufflé omelette, pulled pork pancakes and, yes, pizza are perfectly acceptable breakfast fare… Right?


7. Recipes for a long weekend…

We’re suckers for Swedish cuisine. That’s why we’ve enlisted the know-how of Steffi Knowles-Dellner to create adventurous, wholesome and comforting recipes. All perfect for the long Easter weekend.


8. Because what would Easter be without chocolate…

Or cake? Luckily, John Whaite is on-hand to provide you with both. His caramelised white chocolate, burnt butter and tahini masterpiece – a.k.a simnel cake with a twist –  is a true showstopper that’ll have you drooling.


9. For a dose of what the doctor ordered

Dr Rupy Aujla is busting food myths and replacing them with good, honest and wonderfully-tasting meals. As he says, ”I believe that what you put on your plate is the most important health intervention you can make”. We couldn’t agree more.


10. For meat-free cooking, Mildreds’ way.

Veggie restaurant Mildreds, shares its new vegan recipe collection and we’re certainly getting on board. Think cashew and smoked tofu dumplings (see below), an earl grey gravy and maple grilled mushrooms.


11. For our step-by-step guide to making hot cross buns

Who better to teach us how to make the ultimate Easter treat, than the one and only Gail’s bakery?


12. For 28 pages of honest, nutritious, good-for-you recipes, info and ideas

Enough said. This cauliflower schnitzel with paprika and sage sauce, and butter bean mash makes a fantastic vegetarian weeknight dinner. And that’s just one of many incredible recipes.

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