16 cocktails to get you excited for the summer

Bring on the summer – long days, warm nights, alfresco dining, sun shining and cocktail in hand. Perfect.

All of these recipes are quick, easy and summer-ready… like you need any encouraging.

1. Cucumber, mint and elderflower champagne cocktail

cucumber mint cocktail

2. Rhubarb spritz

rhubarb spritz

3. Campari and grapefruit fizz

campari and grapefruit

4. Michelada cocktail


5. Pear and rosemary cocktail

pear and rosemary

6. Prosecco Royale cocktail
prosecco royale

7. Ballet russe cocktail

ballet russe

8. Aviation cocktail
aviation cocktail

9. Caipirinha


10. Italian champagne cocktail

italian champagne

11. Hanky-panky-meister cocktail

hanky panky cocktail

12. Dubonnet Royale cocktail


13. Champagne rhubarb cocktail

champagne rhubarb

14. Sparkling sorbet float

sorbet cocktail

15. Scandinavian gin cocktail

scandinavian gin cocktail

16. Peach and raspberry champagne cocktail

peach and raspberry cocktail

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