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  • "
    judith downing8:19 Aug 03 2018

    Hi, I’m trying to cancel a gift subscription, and finding the website very frustrating. My customer number is not being recognised even though it was sent through from your automated system. I realise that you don’t want subscriptions to be cancelled, but this doesn’t seem to be good customer service.
    Please let me know what to do.

    • user avatar"
      delicious. magazine9:21 Aug 03 2018

      Hi Judith, thanks for getting in touch. We have sent you an email with further information regarding your subscription so please check your inbox! Ellie

  • "
    jenny nugee12:43 Jul 31 2018

    Hi Delicious, I’ve updated my address in the settings area of ‘My Account’, but my magazine is still being sent to my old address. Do you know how to fix this please?


    • user avatar"
      delicious. magazine9:19 Aug 01 2018

      Hi Jenny – thanks for getting in touch. We’ve sent you an email with further information regarding your address details. Thanks, Ellie

  • "
    elizabethanderson14:50 Jul 30 2018

    Hi, how do I edit my account details ……. just realised my address is out of date by 6 years!!!!

    • user avatar"
      delicious. magazine10:32 Jul 31 2018

      Hi Elizabeth – Thanks for getting in touch. Please select the ‘settings’ drop down button under ‘My Account’ in order to update your address details in the postcode box. Ellie

  • "
    ally mckinnon11:47 Jul 11 2018

    I am unable to find a recipe on the Delicious website that I’ve tried out from the current (July) magazine and would like to save it digitally.
    Do all the recipes that appear in the magazine eventually become available online in your web recipe section. If so, what sort of delay can be expected.

    • user avatar"
      delicious. magazine12:04 Jul 17 2018

      Hi Ally – we have sent you an email with further information about your query. Thanks very much for getting in touch! Ellie

  • "
    ros king19:47 Jul 05 2018

    Hi Team

    I was just wondering why non of my comments are ever published. I also never get any updates on competition results even though I am subscribed to delicious magazine news letter.

    • user avatar"
      delicious. magazine11:07 Jul 06 2018

      Hi Ros – Thanks for getting in touch and apologies for the problems you’ve been experiencing. There’s no reason why your comments don’t seem to publish, although there is sometimes a delay in doing so. With regards to competition results, we don’t send these out in our newsletters but you can find all our 2018 winners on this page: Hope that helps! Ellie

  • "
    jack guo2:31 Jul 03 2018

    Hi, the business is still rolling? Why there is no any feedback for post as well email always wrong and error returned. Thank you for reply by any staff.

    • user avatar"
      delicious. magazine9:46 Jul 04 2018

      Hi Jack – we have sent you an email with regards to the problems you have been experiencing. Please check your inbox for further help and information. Thanks, Ellie

  • "
    zola thomas17:29 Jun 05 2018

    Hi I haven’t had my magazine delivered this month? Thanks

    • "
      ellie donnell12:18 Jun 11 2018

      Hi Zola – we have sent you an email with further information regarding your subscription. Thanks, Ellie

  • "
    mary anntrunkfield17:24 May 30 2018

    Some of your recipes call for Fontina cheese but I cannot find it at any of the major supermarkets.

  • "
    ellie donnell10:01 Apr 30 2018

    Hi Tracey – yes of course we will do that now for you. Ellie

  • user avatar"
    delicious. magazine10:30 Apr 12 2018

    Hi Janine – we are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing problems with your subscription. We have emailed you with further details so that we can sort this out for you as soon as possible. Thanks, Ellie

  • user avatar"
    delicious. magazine9:52 Apr 09 2018

    Hi Denise – thank you for getting in touch although I am sorry to hear about the problems you have been experiencing with your subscription. We have emailed you with further details on how to rectify this. Thanks, Ellie

  • "
    dominique perry16:13 Mar 16 2018

    Is there any way of finding out results to crosswords online as I have been away and have not bought next issue?

  • "
    david watkins10:37 Nov 16 2017

    Absolutely loved the Ascot food fair, but maybe best now to move ‘old’ promotions somewhere else on site and promote new events.

  • "
    fiona bentley15:46 Nov 10 2017

    I can’t seem to find your November 2017 edition in the shops. Is there a shortage?

  • "
    jameswood9:00 Nov 03 2017

    Seems your system thinks everyone stays in Avon as it won’t let me change my region.

  • "
    margaret o'loughlin15:13 Oct 24 2017

    Hi I am trying to enter the Lainston competition but it keeps taking me round in circles any clues

  • "
    ruth glazer13:31 Oct 16 2017

    How do I change my e-mail and address please?

  • "
    dianeleach19:42 Jul 21 2017

    Please help! How can I change my on line address, the one you have registered for me is an old one!

  • "
    rebecca cadman-milne19:14 Jul 21 2017

    It appears I am unable to enter your competition for the dinner party as it states my ‘unique’ details are already registered! I only registered today then went onto enter the competitions? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

  • "
    herbert alan clough11:29 Jul 20 2017

    i cannot enter your competition for the haier fridge freezer as it states my ‘unique’ details are already registered! does this mean that as a member i am automatically entered? or is this competition for new members only?

  • "
    barbara barnard12:21 Jul 03 2017

    Sorry loving the recipes.

  • "
    barbara barnard12:19 Jul 03 2017

    Wonderful magazine how do I enter the competition if in the future I fancy , just booked a year subscription thankyou

  • user avatar"
    carolravensdale17:25 Apr 28 2017

    I left a comment on here yesterday and now it has gone???

  • "
    colin willoughby10:24 Mar 05 2017

    I was given a years subscription to Delicious for Christmas 2015. I really enjoy it and I now do most of the cooking at home. I am not a good cook but I am much better since reading Delicious. Favourite page is loose ends. I love the mixture of basic information and more challenging recipes. I have done tunnel boned shoulder of lamb twice for London and NewYork friends which has gone down a storm. Tunnel bone joint myself which takes about 30 mins. Used Marsala in gravy instead of sherry which I preferred but left out teaspoon of sugar. Also Victoria Sponge 1:1:1:1 how easy is that. A lot of cherries get added in our house! I am forwarding details to New York friends.

  • "
    penny thomas12:41 Dec 02 2016

    Return of a Trusted Friend

    I was starting to feel the usual dread and anxiousness as all the Christmas adverts started showing on the television. The cooking of the turkey, without it resembling and tasting like a piece of flat pack furniture, the vegetables not being over cooked, etc, and then my December Delicious subscription arrived, and instantly, I knew all was going to be well for Christmas. Always on time and the best gift I have ever received. The delicious subscription is always top of my Christmas wish list. Thank you.

  • "
    pamela davenport17:10 Aug 26 2016

    Hi just like to say great magazine and recieps. I have made quite a few of the recipes the last one was the rhubarb pie.
    Just recieved the september magazine.

  • "
    danielle mackney13:36 Aug 10 2016

    Hi I left a comment for the win a weekend away and it said awaiting modification . Does this mean you have received it or do I need to resubmit ?

    • user avatar"
      delicious. magazine16:04 Aug 10 2016

      Hi Danielle,

      The comments take a little while to submit. Your comment should now be on the competition page.


  • "
    ruth coates18:57 Jul 30 2016

    would like to change my email address to

    • user avatar"
      delicious. magazine11:55 Aug 01 2016

      Hello Ruth,

      Could you please contact us on and we can sort this out for you.

      The delicious. team

  • "
    jackybuckley16:46 Jan 20 2016

    Hi I have subscribed to your wonderful magazine over many years and made many of the recipes, all with perfect results and today was no different I made the smoked haddock risotto from the December issue and all I can say is wow it was lovely the whole family enjoyed it, thank you for continuing to do such a fantastic job and I look forward to many more years of happy subscription.

  • "
    rosemary stewart14:38 Oct 27 2015

    Where can I find a baking tray 30×20 or 29x21cm for the recipe iced bake well tart tray bake

    • user avatar"
      delicious. magazine11:37 Oct 30 2015

      Hi Rosemary,
      We have updated the recipe to use a 30x20cm baking tray as these are more commonly available.
      Hope that helps

  • "
    christinebregazzi8:47 Aug 11 2015

    Hi – I was just updating my settings and noticed that in the county section there is no facility to put the Isle of Man in! Could that be changed? At the moment I am just under Avon.


    Christine Bregazzi

    • user avatar"
      delicious. magazine11:33 Oct 30 2015

      HI Christine,
      Just wanted to make sure that you were able to update your profile?
      delicious. magazine

  • "
    mary cameronhirst17:18 Aug 07 2015

    In the June issue recipe for strawberry and coconut flapjacks which I tried and found that they did not set properly, they tasted lovely but we’re very soft and sticky which made them difficult to handle. I followed the recipe to the letter and weighed all of the ingredients any idea what went wrong, I bake regularly and have never had any problems

    • user avatar"
      delicious. magazine11:58 Aug 11 2015

      Hi Mary, the flapjacks were soft when we made them, but we still managed to cut them – even on a very hot day. Yours may have needed longer in the oven – the temperature can vary in different ovens so exact times are hard to determine for different ovens.

  • "
    denisemarks15:15 Jul 19 2015

    My lemon tart always cracks and shrinks when it cools what can I do to stop this?

    • user avatar"
      delicious. magazine12:08 Aug 11 2015

      Hi Denise, It sounds like you might be overcooking the lemon tart – it should have a good wobble when you bring it out the oven, almost as if it’s underdone. Hope that helps.

  • "
    gareth tandy17:52 Dec 25 2014

    Re Ruby Port pears in November issue.I cannot work out to cover 8 pears in 510ml of liquid no matter what size or shape container I use. Please advise

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