GBBO episode 7: The good, the bad and the ugly

GBBO episode 7: The good, the bad and the ugly

By Izzy Brimeau

Episode seven of Bake Off brought us another ‘first’ – Italian Week. Mamma Mia was I excited. I LOVE everything Italian. The food, the culture, the people, the food, the drink, the food. Did I mention the food?

When 8pm rolled around, I was primed and ready with a bowl of tiramisu on my lap, montage of Italian cakes rolling through my mind. Find out who created bellissimo bakes and who said ciao to their chances of winning in this week’s roundup of the good, the bad and the ugly moments.

The good
Liam’s very sweet ‘just doing me’ cannoli creation.


Steven’s cannoli are everything I want in an Italian dessert. Everything I want right here, right now.


The moment when Sophie showed Paul and Prue that mascarpone as a filling actually works a treat. You go Glen Coco.


The multiple shots of cheesy pizza bubbling away in the oven *drool*.


My mouth would not stop watering when I watched Paul cut slices of Steven’s pizza. No surprises that his Italian heritage landed him first place in the technical.


Liam once again nailed his presentation with his ‘lobster tails’ in the ice box. I’d happily scoff the lot.


Steven’s sfogliatelle ticked the style, substance and authenticity boxes. That’s a yes from me. And a yes from everyone else as it saw him win star baker, yet again.


The bad
The fact that they kept talking about how hot it was while I sat in the cold, sipping on numerous cups of tea.


The stress of watching everyone deep-fry and fill their cannoli. My heart almost jumped out of my chest.


Dear GBBO, can you stop trying so hard. No one wants to see the fab four walking into a room wearing sunglasses like some kind of Italian Mafia. Kind regards, everyone.


Poor Kate, I really felt for her when she shimmied the mozzarella off her pizza. That’s the best part!


Yan’s undercooked, claggy sfogliatelle disappointed and sadly sent her scooting home.

The ugly
Yan’s cocktail inspired cannoli were a little garish to say the least.


Kate’s pizza looked hilarious. But I’d still eat it.


According to Paul, Kate’s showstopper looked like it had been sat on. Uh-oh, Kate was hanging on by the skin of her teeth in this episode.


Lest we forget, next week brings us a quarter final of forgotten bakes. Remember to tune in…

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