Hesper Farm Skyr

Hesper Farm Skyr

Producer: Hesper Farm Skyr, Yorkshire
Product: Hesper Farm Skyr Original
Region: North East
Category: From the dairy, artisan
What they do:
It was while researching ways in which to diversify his family’s farm near Skipton that Sam Moorhouse stumbled across skyr. Though similar to yogurt in taste and texture it’s naturally fat-free, high in protein and the range of live cultures of beneficial bacteria in this ancient Icelandic product boded well for a market in which probiotic foods are gaining ground. The Icelanders have made skyr since Viking times, and while Sam had completed his studies in the UK, he knew the only way to learn the age-old technique behind this artisanal food was to travel there and track down a skyr master, Thorarinn Sveinsson. When he returned to the UK he brought with him a heritage Icelandic skyr bacterial culture dating back to the year 874, and an expertise in making real skyr.
Sam employs local people; uses the milk from his farm’s pedigree holstein friesian herd; and welcomes students from his former college and other young farmers to look round his dairy and hear his story. He’s become an ambassador for the diversification of dairy farming, as well as a passionate producer and promoter of nutritious skyr.
What the judges said:
The judges were impressed that Sam introduced a technique from a different country while respecting and incorporating the milk his family have been producing for generations. They commended Sam for adding value to a volatile-priced product (milk), and noted their attention to environmental impact by using recycled pots.

Visit the website:Hesper Farm Skyr

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