How to grow salad leaves

Your simple guide on how to grow and harvest salad leaves, plus three great recipes for using them in your kitchen.

How to grow salad leaves

A selection of varied salad leaves forms the basis of a classic salad or summer soup. Easy to grow varieties include Saladisi or Mesculin Mix, while Mizuna and Mache (lamb’s lettuce) are other favourites.

For a continuous supply of fresh leaves throughout summer and early autumn, try sowing some seeds every few weeks from March to August. Fill a 20-45cm pot almost to the top with multi-purpose compost and scatter seeds thinly across the surface, cover with compost, then water. When seedlings are 2cm tall, thin out.

Start to harvest 3-4 weeks later, taking leaves or cutting whole plants.

How to eat them
There’s more to salad leaves then using them in a salad. Here are three recipes for inspiration…

Garlic and herb buttered chicken with braised lettuce, peas and baby carrots

Broad beans, peas with mozzarella and parma ham crumble

Congee with egg and greens

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