What is sorrel, and how do you grow it?

What is sorrel? And how do you grow it, or find it? Here’s a simple guide on how to grow and harvest sorrel, plus three great recipes for using it in your kitchen.

What is sorrel, and how do you grow it?

Raw young sorrel leaves have a delicious lemony or fresh apple flavour. They look very much like spinach leaves, or dock leaves. In fact, sorrel is sometimes called ‘spinach dock’. Its botanical name is Rumex acetosa.

You can use it in salads, hot and cold sauces, and soups.

You can start sorrel off from seed, but it’s quicker to buy a ready-grown plant. Plant in late spring and place in light shade, away from the midday sun.

Water well and feed throughout the season.

Pick leaves as required. If flowers appear, pinch off to prevent plants running to seed. Sorrel is a perennial herb, so it should come back year after year.

How to eat it
Here are three of our favourite recipes using sorrel…

Sorrel soup with cream cheese toasts

Escalopes of salmon with sorrel sauce

Hot smoked trout and green butter



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