How to keep picked herbs fresh

Debbie Major explains how to keep herbs fresh.

How to keep picked herbs fresh

By Debbie Major

Over the years, while working as a food stylist for cookbooks, including all of Rick Stein’s, I’ve had to keep herbs fresh for several days. I’ve found the best way to keep them perky is to keep the herbs cool and their stems wet.

If the weather is hot, herbs such as parsley and mint, which have robust leaves, will keep for a short while in a jug of water, with their leaves loosely covered in damp kitchen paper.

Otherwise, take the bunch and wrap the stems (but not the leaves) in plenty of damp, folded kitchen paper. Place in a large plastic bag, seal with plenty of air inside and put on a spare shelf towards the bottom of the fridge, not too near the back in case they get overly cold. The herbs should stay fresh for 3-4 days. 

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