It’s a bouncing, bubbly bowl of yeast…

It’s a bouncing, bubbly bowl of yeast…

And unwittingly I was the one to accept this generous gift from our publisher (ever the one to please) of Herman the German. I am now on day 3 and Herman is sitting on my desk, producing thick, gloopy bubbles and occasionally burping yeasty smells my way. 

I have not been popular this week…

On the other hand I am excited a) because he is not dead (something I worried about on his arrival as I do not have a way with sustaining life) and b) because I like cake. 

So far so good – I have been stirring well and he seems to be growing and enjoying life in our office. The warmth I think does him good and he is spurred on by our general chitter chatter about food and how much we love cake. He has something to live for.

I will post back in a few days – after his feed and let you all know how he is faring. I hope he will still be alive.

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