Shop with a conscience

Shop with a conscience

By Daisy Meager

Red Tractor. British Lion. Soil Association. Freedom Food. These are just a few of the UK quality assurance schemes that have their logos and labels stickered over animal products but what do they really mean?

Whether you get in a pickle over what organic actually means for your roast chicken or you want to investigate the standards that must be met for the outdoor-reared pigs in your bangers, the Compassionate Food Guide has the answers at the ready.

The downloadable guide is produced by the farm animal welfare charity, Compassion in World Farming, which was founded in 1947 with an aim to end cruelty to farm animals, end factory farming and promote higher animal welfare standards. Its aim is to help consumers make an informed choice when buying meat and animal products, explaining how assurance labelling schemes and terms such as free-range apply to dairy; eggs; chicken; pork, bacon and sausages; beef; lamb; turkey; and salmon.

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The guide gives the thumbs up to the supermarkets and food companies with the best animal welfare rating, updated to reflect the results of Compassion in World Farming’s annual Good Animal Welfare Awards and also outlines the health benefits of buying higher-welfare products so you can make an informed choice.

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So, if you’re grabbing something on the way home for dinner doing your weekly shop, stop and think about what’s going into your basket and ultimately, your body.

The guide is free to download in PDF format from



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