The Yorkshire Wagyu Company

The Yorkshire Wagyu Company

PRODUCER: The Yorkshire Wagyu Company, East Riding, Yorkshire
PRODUCT: Rib-eye steak
REGION: North East 
CATEGORY: From the Field (Primary)


Jonathan Shepherd and Jim Bloom of The Yorkshire Wagyu Company have made it their mission to “rear exceptional-tasting beef that is a beacon of Yorkshire excellence”. The twist is that the beef they are rearing is Wagyu, a Japanese breed still relatively uncommon in the UK and considered a delicacy in the rest of the world because of its abundance of fat marbling. 

The company’s cattle, all sired by the same bull, are slow-grown, grazing on the Yorkshire Wolds for more than two years, and are fed home-grown forage not treated with any artificial fertilisers. After slaughter, the meat is hung for 21 days to improve the texture and flavour.

Jonathan and Jim are founder members and directors of the British Wagyu Breeders Association. Aiming for full field-to-fork traceability, Yorkshire Wagyu have developed a unique DNA ear-tagging system to ensure their beef’s heritage. The business has also recently invested in its own farm butchery unit to enable product development in-house and on-site.

Jonathan and Jim are passionate about educating consumers about the history and health benefits of Wagyu beef, so they have built a branded catering trailer, nicknamed the WOW Wagon, which turns up at festivals and food fairs. The company also employs a full-time chef to advise consumers about cooking methods and recipe ideas. Yorkshire Wagyu’s aim is to “put this flavoursome meat firmly on the culinary map”.


The judges admired the Yorkshire Wagyu team’s passion in pursuing their dream of producing Wagyu beef, and felt their pricing was fair. One judge commented that this is a “stunning product that will surely be a huge success”.


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