Win a classic 8-speed Pashley bike

Win a classic 8-speed Pashley bike

We’ve teamed up with Pashley Cycles to offer one delicious. reader the chance to win a smart Pashley Britannia bicycle, fully equipped with all the best accessories.

Based on Pashley’s original 1920s design, the classic 8-speed Britannia is designed to bring fun and vintage elegance to cycling, whether it’s a trip around town or a day out in the country. Bursting at the handlebars with all the extras that make taking your bike out a joy, this prize is certain to get you moving.

The hand-stitched leather grips and handmade leather sprung seat – which moulds to your shape – makes the Britannia bike a super-comfy ride. The bicycle is also complete with chain and mud guards, an easy-park prop stand, a rear LED light and a classic front lamp. The wicker basket and ‘ding-dong’ bell are the perfect finishing touch. To complete the prize, Pashley is also throwing in a branded tote bag and leather frame guard.

The winner can pick their colour, choosing from Old English White, Oxford Blue, Royal Red, Powder Pink or Duck Egg Blue, in frame sizes 17.5in, 20in or 22in (all come with classic cream tyres).

You can have the bike shipped to you if you like, although Pashley would prefer to ship it to your nearest dealer so they can set it up safely for you to ride.

To enter, fill in your details, then answer the simple question on the next page:

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  1. Would bring back such happy memories. Used to have one quite similar a long time ago. But never too old to cycle. Would be so thrilled to ride around my village on this gorgeous bike.

  2. Oh how I would love to win this. I would cycle along the Tarka trial with the beautiful views and even stop off for a little shopping as I could pop it in the basket x

  3. What a classic design makes a change from my husbands favourite mountain bike with 24 gears and shock absorbers. And my daughter’s pepper pig bike. A bike for grown up women hope I win this beauty.

  4. I am moving to London and am looking for a bike to cycle through Regent’s park every morning to go to work. With this lovely bike, I would be so excited to get up and on my way !

  5. I’d love to replace my bone-shaker, it’s served me well, as I don’t drive, she’s done an awful lot of miles, but is over 10 years old now and has rust, rattles and dings, so it’s about time I had a replacement :)

  6. I can picture myself riding my Pashley down a country lane with the wind in my hair and flowers in the basket without a care in the world, at least for a while.

  7. We’re moving soon for a new life in the countryside – a Pashley would be perfect for picking up supplies in our local village!

  8. I’m trying to lose weight and could really do with doing some cycling to help me on our way – need to get in shape for nieces wedding next June.

    1. Hi Simon – thanks for getting in touch and apologies for the problems you have been experiencing. We have sent you an email to sort out any issues you are having with your account. Thanks, Ellie

  9. Would love to win this Pashley bike to replace the pink one my daughter had stolen it was her way to get to work as primary school teacher and t to keep fit

  10. I need a new bike. Looked at a Pashley in my local town and thought of my gran. Now on my Christmas present list. Unless of course Father Christmas comes early.

  11. I need a new bike. Looked at a Pashley bike today in my local town, and thought of my gran. I must get one, then I got my Delicious Magazine, and thought ah I will try and win one instead.

  12. I have recently redescovered my passion for cycling after hiring a bicycle during my holiday in France. This classically stylish bike would be perfect for cycling around my home in North London to continue my refound love!

  13. I have just rediscovered my passion for cycling after hiring a bicycle on holiday in France. This classically stylish bike would be perfect to roam around my home in North London and continue my refound love of cycling.

  14. This beautiful bike would really help me out, sadly my old bike doesn’t have so many gears and I am now finding it a bit difficult on the hills!

  15. This bicycle reminds me of the one my Grandmother had in the 1950’s. Still traditional and a true classic. Beautifully made, designed for comfort with style.

  16. What a lovely designed bike, very chic and stylish. Seat looks very comfortable too. Good choice of colours too. Love the oxford blue one🚲🤞

  17. I started working in 1963 a few weeks before my 16th birthday, and a bike just like this was my mode of transport. Mine had a saddlebag rather than a basket, but it did have a ding-dong bell! Happy memories! I have a photo from the day my dad bought me the bike, wish I could attach it to this comment. I’ve not ridden a bike in twenty years, but I would take up cycling again if I were to win this lovely prize. I can see me in my seventieth year riding around the village on my duck egg blue (which would be my choice) bike, calling in at the local Post Office to collect the local paper and perhaps a dozen eggs just to have something to put in my basket. :-}

  18. I have never owned a bike in the UK and would love to use a Pashley Britannia for a bit of exercise around the neighbourhood/just to get some groceries.

  19. This beautiful bike reminds me of a old bike (4th hand) I had when I was a youngster than I treasured and repainted each summer so that it looked it’s best. I’m hoping to be a lucky winner.

  20. I have always loved this stylish/iconic looking Pashley bike from afar and always wished I owned one. Being Eco Friendly and keeping fit while doing my daily duties in the great outdoors on this beautiful bike, heaven xx

  21. I have always admired/loved this stylish/iconic Pashley bike from afar and always wished I owned one! Being Eco Friendly and keeping fit on this beautiful bike, heaven xxxx

  22. I have always loved/admired this stylish/iconic looking Pashley bike from afar and always wished to own! Being Eco friendly and keeping fit on this bike would be heaven..x

  23. I have always admired /loved the look of the Pashley bike from afar and would love to be a proud owner of this stylish/iconic look bike. Being Eco friendly, enjoying the great outdoors and keeping fit, while on this beautiful bike, heaven.

  24. I am 66 years old and just getting back into cycling with my Grand children. This would be fantastic to show them Granny is not old!!!
    Here’s hoping.

  25. All my friends have bikes and I so want to join them on a ride, and get a bi fitter too. This looks a lovely model, and the basket will be so useful.

  26. I’ll do all my shopping in double quick time on my very own Pashley cycle, no carrying either,all my groceries sitting comfortably in my basket.

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