9 best Easter eggs from 2018

Style AND substance: those were the criteria here. Treats you can hardly bear to crack open – but make you very happy when you do. Easter baskets at the ready…

9 best Easter eggs from 2018

What’s inside counts

Mini chocolate eggs filled with salty peanut butter, encased in a chunky hollow egg. Choose from dark (vegan-friendly) or milk chocolate.

Montezuma’s chocolate eggs filled with peanut butter mini eggs, £19.99 for 350g


Go for gold 

The most elegant of eggs, made of matte Belgian chocolate and adorned with miniature white chocolate, praline-filled egglets.

Godiva Belgian chocolate egg, £14 for 255g


Weighty issue 

Hollow eggs leave you feeling cheated? The Solid Chocolate Company packs three quarters of a kilo of Belgian chocolate into theirs, in the form of 42 solid, easy-to-share segments. Solid Chocolate eggs available in milk, white, dark, caramel milk or Colombian chocolate,

The Solid Chocolate Company’s Easter eggs, £24.99 for 750g


Prized artifact

A funky design and fine chocolate that melts beautifully in the mouth. The jewel-like, bevelled shape makes it easy to snap into, too.

Aldi’s Moser Roth Eggometric abstract print Belgian chocolate egg, £4.99 for 200g


In a nutshell

A bite-size fix for peanut butter fiends.

Reese’s peanut butter crème eggs, 50p for 34g (£1 for a pack of three)


Dippy egg

The height of whimsy – a real eggshell in a bone china eggcup, filled with rich praline. Heat gently for a few minutes in a low oven to melt the chocolate, then dunk batons of biscuit or fruit – or peel and eat cold just like a hard- boiled egg. Genius.

Rococo’s praline hen’s egg in a cup, £10.95


Dark side

Made only from grand cru de sambirano cocoa beans, this single-origin egg has a deep, honeyed flavour. The ultimate egg for dark-choc lovers
– and naturally dairy-free. Madagascar 85%

Chococo’s MegaDark egg, £18 for 175g


Bunny in bloom

The Easter stalwart gets a spring makeover with pretty flowers.

Lindt Gold Bunny Flower Edition, £2.99 for 100g


Feed an army 

American cartoonist Bernard Kliban famously advised to never eat anything bigger than your head… but this gargantuan, thick-shelled egg might be the exception. Complete with shimmery finish it makes an impressive gift.

Lidl’s Giant eggs in Dusk Falls or Desert Haze, £9.99 for 600g

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