Aggie MacKenzie rates mini choppers

Our gadget queen takes five mini choppers for a spin

Aggie MacKenzie rates mini choppers

There are times when a full-size food processor is too big – such as when you’re chopping or grinding small amounts of herbs, spices or nuts – and that’s when you need a mini chopper. They’re no use when it comes to tasks such as pastry making, but they’ll make harissa and pesto quicker than you can say ‘fast food’

Russell Hobbs Desire Mini Chopper


Stylish and easy to use. The motor fits on top of a retro-style glass bowl, and a storage lid is included. So you can keep your bowl of dip or pesto covered in the fridge, without creating extra washing-up. A good gadget at a good price. 

KitchenAid Chopper 

£64, John Lewis

This attractive piece of kit has two speeds: one to chop, the other, more powerful, to purée. The spiral blade gives even texture, and the holes in the lid allows you to add liquid easily. The Range Rover of the bunch, but at a comparatively hefty price.

Asda MC-6U Chopper


A mini chopper at a mini price. It’s unlikely to last a lifetime (the bowl is tiny and the base and lid are a little awkward to fit together) but it does the job pretty well. Ideal for a student household.

Lakeland Compact Chopper


A compact machine, ideal if space is limited – and it packs a punch. The instructions advise against using it to grind hard spices but, in my test, cinnamon sticks and star anise soon bit the dust.

Magimix Le Micro

£60 (satin),

A simple, well thought out design. There’s a metal blade for chopping, a plastic blade for mayonnaise-making (plus a hole in the lid for adding oil) and a spatula to scoop out the results. Feels as if it’s built to last. (The cream-coloured model is nearly £10 less.)

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