Beat the New Year bulge

New Year’s Eve food and drink doesn’t have to be fattening, just follow our handy guide.

Beat the New Year bulge

Find out what to avoid and what to go for when it comes to party snacks and drinks on New Year’s Eve.


Party treats

  • RED ALERT 1 handful of peanuts 150 calories
  • GO FOR IT 1 handful of twiglets 40 calories 
  • RED ALERT Sour cream dip 33 calories per dip
  • GO FOR IT Salsa dip 6 calories per dip
  • RED ALERT Chicken vol-au-vent 85 calories
  • GO FOR IT Blini with caviar and sour cream 20 calories
  • RED ALERT 2 mini sausage rolls 100 calories
  • GO FOR IT 2 sausages on sticks 50 calories
  • RED ALERT Stilton 205 calories per 50g
  • GO FOR IT Brie 150 calories per 50g
  • RED ALERT Christmas pud with custard and brandy butter 587 calories
  • GO FOR IT Slice of Christmas cake 249 calories



  • RED ALERT Large glass (250ml) of white wine 160 calories
  • GO FOR IT Glass (125ml) of champagne 71 calories
  • RED ALERT  Small glass (125ml) of mulled wine 20 calories
  • GO FOR IT Small glass (125ml) of red wine 80 calories
  • RED ALERT 1 pint of cider 230 calories
  • GO FOR IT 1 pint of lager 165 calories
  • RED ALERT 1 alcopop 150+ calories
  • GO FOR IT 1 measure of spirits with diet mixer 50 calories
  • RED ALERT Mojito 214 calories
  • GO FOR IT Cosmopolitan 74 calories

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