Best online meat delivery services

It’s never been more important to be discerning about the meat you choose to buy and eat wherever possible – as discussed in Clare Finney’s recent delicious. feature Could eating meat and dairy help the planet?

With some of the year’s biggest celebrations around the corner, where meat is traditionally centre stage, we’ve put together a list of the best online delivery services to buy from, all of which are committed to sustainability and responsible farming. If you want to guarantee quality this Christmas, these are the suppliers you need to know about…

Best online meat delivery services

Ginger Pig

Once you try a Ginger Pig sausage, you’ll struggle to buy them anywhere else. Ginger Pig rear animals on more than 3,000 acres of pasture and North Yorkshire moorland, working with a small group of like-minded farmers who supply their seven London shops. Good animal husbandry and welfare are at the heart of what the Ginger Pig does, because “livestock that is looked after well in the field will taste better on the plate.” Hear, hear.

Best for… Sausages, sausage rolls, top quality steak – and, of course, joints of pork.

Ginger Pig

Coombe Farm Organic

Everything from Coombe Farm is special, but the meat for which they’re renowned is their award-winning beef from retired dairy cattle – meat that would normally be rejected, yet one taste is enough to understand its quality: we’re talking seriously good, complex flavour. Not only is the meat organic and sustainably farmed, but Coombe Farm have also just scooped up a hat-trick of awards at the Great Taste Awards 2021. They’ve created an organic box for October, including pork loin, silverside, osso bucco and chicken legs – all for £40.

Best for… Beef, which has an intense yet sweet and mellow flavour due to its fat-marbling. The bacon, goat meat and charcuterie are outstanding, too.

Coombe Farm


A whole-carcass butcher, which works with a small group of family farmers rearing native breeds around the Yorkshire Dales. You may have seen Swaledale’s name on restaurant menus – their beef has a rich marbling of fat, giving it amazing flavour (the steak is second to none), and their pork chops and ribs are really very special. Swaledale takes traceability seriously, from farm to abattoir. Their meat is expertly aged, butchered to order, then shipped in recyclable packaging to arrive with you in peak condition. Don’t miss their specials section, if it’s a bargain you’re looking for.

Best for… These guys are well known for their pork, from Tamworth and Middle White pigs. Their Yorkshire breakfast chipolatas (the sausages used to make pigs in blankets) won two stars at the 2021 Great Taste Awards.


Provenance Village Butcher

As the name suggests, Provenance Village Butcher has long-lasting relationships with farmers. The farmers they work with have years of experience (and expert husbandry skills) – a recipe that makes for top quality meat. Not only does Provenance offer wonderful steaks, poultry and lamb, they also have a range of meat boxes and handmade pies. Look out for the deli and dairy items, too.

Best for… The meat boxes and bundles, such as a thoughtful New Parents Food Parcel, Congratulations Box or a fun Mexican taco kit, are all worth checking out.

Provenance Village Butcher

Pipers Farm

Quality and provenance are at the heart of everything Pipers Farm does. They work with 25 small-scale farms in Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall, and their whole-carcass approach to butchery ensures nothing is wasted. Our team have never been disappointed by a joint or cut of meat from Piper’s – their reputation goes before them.

Best for… The range is broad, but pre-prepared and stuffed birds, including cockerels, come highly recommended, plus you can get what they call ‘weird bits’ (love it), including bones for stock and offal that can be tricky to come by online.

Piper's Farm

Farmison & Co

Based in Ripon, North Yorkshire, Farmison prides themselves on working with traditional farmers, who raise heritage breeds on pasture. The meat is always free range, and herds and flocks are given time to grow rather than being rushed to market. The business was started by two restaurateurs, and as well as the fantastic range of meat, they also offer ready-made delights such as these festive specials: the Ultimate Beef Wellington and Duck Galantine.

Best for… The celebration food is stand-out. We love the ready-to-roll porchetta, and the trimmings such as pigs in blankets and chestnut and sherry sauce – all highly recommended.

Farmison & Co

The Ethical Butcher

A specialist online retailer focusing on the highest ethical standards of meat production. Many of the farmers the Ethical Butcher work with use regenerative farming methods, with animals being entirely pasture-fed. All orders are delivered the next day to ensure freshness.

Best for… The soy-free chicken is impressive (and comes with a great range of seasonings). The burgers are best-sellers that will knock your socks off.

Ethical Butcher

HG Walter

As suppliers of hundreds of restaurants, it’s no surprise HG Walter can be relied on for impressive meat. They specialise in native breeds, such as Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle or Hampshire Duroc pigs  reared on small farms and grown slowly on a natural diet. Meat therefore has an excellent marbling of fat and, consequently, flavour. For quality this good, the prices aren’t as high as you might expect – and you can stock up on bones for stock, soups and sauces, too.

Best for… The beef fillet is truly wellington-worthy, and the range of lamb – both on and off the bone – makes for brilliant stews and curries. Check out their pantry items too.

HG Walter


As farmers, founders James Flower and James Mansfield know what goes into producing quality free-range meat, and they’re committed to supporting traditional British farming… All the meat they sell comes from high-welfare animals fed a natural diet. Meat is dry-aged and hand-butchered to order, then prepped and packed the day before delivery. Can’t say fresher than that.

Best for… It’s all good, but the ethical wild game is a highlight.


Knepp Wild Range Meat

Knepp’s Tamworth pigs graze outdoors year-round, with lives that are worlds apart from intensively reared pigs. The farm has a low density of free-roaming animals whose behaviour and different grazing techniques provide opportunities for other wildlife. In other words, eating meat from Knepp helps contribute to nature conservation. Minimum spend for online orders: £50

Best for… The Tamworth pork is exceptional and sells at lightning speed.

Fir Farm

Fir Farm in the Cotswolds rear rare breed sheep and maintain the condition of the pastures by grazing in rotation with their cattle. They employ mixed farming – where crop production with grassland and grazing livestock are integrated, along with deeper rooting plants and composting – which helps to rebuild soil fertility and organic carbon levels. Call 01451 608900 to order.

Best for? Top quality lamb that’s big on flavour.


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