Crown & Queue Meats

Crown & Queue Meats

Producer: Crown & Queue Meats, London
Product: Dry cured sausage
Region: London and South East
Category: From the field, artisan
What they do:
With French and Spanish imports dominating the British market, Adrienne Treeby saw an opportunity to create a charcuterie product made with British heritage-breed pork, herbs, beer and wine.
Adrienne had already spent 14 years working in some of the world’s best restaurants (in three countries), which she complemented with two years spent learning the secrets to charcuterie-making in New Orleans. In 2014 Adrienne first started making sausages in a unit in Bermondsey, using an abandoned shopping trolley and a second-hand fridge. Operations have moved on from Crown & Queue’s rustic beginnings, but their premises remain in the heart of south London’s up-and-coming foodie district.
As the idea has always been to create a product that tastes of where it’s made, Crown & Queue Meats source the beer for the curing mix, the herbs for the salumi, and of course the pork, all as locally as possible. Adrienne visits each farm before she begins working with them to make sure that they meet her high standards on animal welfare and organic farming practises.
What the judges said:
The judges admired Crown & Queue’s “impressive commitment to sourcing carefully.” They loved that Adrienne makes the efforts to visit all the farms she works with and noted that her use of local beer in the curing process only further demonstrated her passion for provenance.

Visit the website:Crown & Queue Meats

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