Feed Me Now! by Bill Granger

We take a look at the latest collection of laid-back, family-friendly recipes from everyone’s favourite Aussie chef, in association with Waterstone’s.

Feed Me Now! by Bill Granger

If there’s anyone whose food sums up the laid-back simplicity of the Australian lifestyle, it’s Bill Granger. When the shouting and campaigning of our home-grown TV chefs gets a bit much, Bill is the antidote: a good-natured family guy who just, well, cooks – and cooks things his fans can actually imagine themselves cooking.

Until now, the only problem has been that Bill was a little too sun-drenched and happy (we Brits find it difficult to relate to anyone who smiles too much), but Feed Me Now! is the answer to this dilemma. The light, Asian-style dishes that Australian chefs relish are still there, but there’s also comfort food, Mediterranean dishes and big, friendly family spreads. The pictures were shot in this country, and it shows – warm and homely, this book is filled with things that people eat in countries where it rains every now and then.

It’s a comprehensive collection of recipes for time-strapped families, ranging from breakfast dishes such as ‘melt & mix’ banana bread, through to ‘midday fuel’ snacks, to afternoon cakes. These are a prelude to the really good stuff, though. For evening meals, Bill treats us to recipes ranging from elegant, Asian-influenced dishes (think miso fish with spring onions and sesame seeds) to roast dinners. Best of all are the recipes that cover the kitchen table with bowls of different flavours to try, creating the kind of noisy family atmosphere that suits Bill’s style.

There are chapters that deal with cooking on a budget, entertaining, and meals you can freeze ahead. What impresses throughout is Bill’s talent for making great food simple, easy and fun – enough to put a bit of Aussie sunshine into anyone’s day.

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