Frozen food

The credit crunch and a desire to cut down on waste has seen frozen food come in from the cold. See our tips and recipes that freeze well.

Frozen food

A recent survey found that, after long-term decline, sales of frozen food are now on the up. So, in light our reinvigorated love of freezer food, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions:
Can I re-freeze food I’ve thawed?
No. Bacteria can grow as food defrosts and re-freezing doesn’t kill it off.
Does frozen food lose any of its goodness or ‘go off’ over time?
No. If it’s not frozen quickly enough or is stored too long, it might lose something in texture and flavour, but not nutritionally.
Is frozen food as ‘good’ as fresh?
Yes. Nutritionally, freezing veg and some fruits is a good idea as both can lose 50% of their vitamins if they’re not eaten a week after harvest.
Taste-wise, the delicious. food team says that frozen veg are a winner but soft fruit and herbs don’t freeze as well. Fish and meat are also fine to freeze but you need to wrap the food well to help prevent oxidation and freezer burn (moisture loss). For the best results, vacuum-pack the food in bags, or double-wrap in cling film.

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