Gadget mania

Mixers that can cook, boiling-water taps, teppanyaki hot plates… there’s a befuddling array of gadgets to seduce the keen cook, but what’s actually worth buying? Hayley Gilbert rounds up seven classics, along with new-fangled bits of hi-tech kit.

Gadget mania


Mix it up


Artisan stand mixer is retro in style and super-efficient in action. It also comes in a funky range of colours. From around £389.


Smooth operator

This hand-operated stainless-steel


is the traditional choice for creating perfect-textured purées. £29.95 from Divertimenti.


Power of one



3200 BlenderMix food processor can mix, grate, slice, chop, whisk, knead and liquidise. It also has an integrated mini processor for smaller jobs. £179.96 – £215.96 at John Lewis.


Soft touch

Silicone spatulas from


make mixing and folding easier, thanks to their flexible heads, which are heat- resistant to 300°C. In red, orange, blue or frosted, they cost £9.99 each.


Easy does it

is perfect for preparing spuds and root veg. It has a soft, comfily contoured handle, and the ‘Y’ design means you can peel at speed. It costs £5.50. Call 0114 290 1455 for stockist details.


The professional choice


Thermomix TM31

is a hi-tech food processor that cooks, too. It can handle anything from making jam to steaming rice, with one bowl, blade and whisk. The hefty £885 price tag includes a thick recipe book.

..and six hi-tech innovations


An oven and a half


extra-wide 90cm built-in single oven is great for entertaining and cooking in bulk. The EB388 has a generous 78-litre capacity and a Pyrolytic self-cleaning programme. Priced around £4,590.


Hot water on tap

The latest must-have is the


boiling-water tap. Saving time, energy and water, it delivers 100°C water without waiting for the kettle to boil. The tap is designed to be child-proof. But, at £790, it ain’t exactly cheap.


Top of the hobs

Professional chefs love the robust, industrial feel of

Wolf’s Gas Cooktop

. It has porcelain-coated cast-iron grates and is easy to clean. Fans include Galton Blackiston, Thomasina Miers, Michel Roux Junior and John Torode. The ICBCT36G is priced from £1,845.


The griddler 

If you enjoy Japanese cuisine, have a go yourself with

Siemens’ Teppan Yaki cooktop griddle

. The 40cm wide steel hotplate has touchpad controls and can reach temperatures of 240°C. It’s priced around £1,500.


Super cool

Keep your ingredients fresh with

Neff’s K8345 fridge-freezer

. Priced around £2,050, it features VitaFresh technology in special compartments, which reduces the temperature to near freezing. These drawers have up to 95% humidity to help vegetables and fruit stay crisp and fresh for up to three times longer than a conventional refrigerator.

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