Hoxton Bakehouse

Hoxton Bakehouse

Producer: Hoxton Bakehouse, Southampton
Product: Stone-ground spelt loaf
Region: London and South East
Category: From the earth, artisan
What they do:
Located close to Southampton Docks, Hoxton Bakehouse is a modern bakery set up by London chefs Florence and Darren in 2013.
Its team of six staff produces naturally leavened wholegrain breads and pastries for retail and wholesale. Each loaf is hand-crafted and takes 24-36 hours from dough to oven. All their wholewheat flour comes from Winchester City Mill, located only 12km away from their unit.
They’re heavily involved in the local community and every day they deliver freshly baked bread to a local homeless charity, Hospice of St James.
What the judges said:
Hoxton Bakehouse’s succinct and to the point entry impressed the judges. The panel commended the Bakehouse’s use of local flour, noting how it produced seemingly simple, but high-quality bakes.

Visit the website:Hoxton Bakehouse

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