June cheese of the month: gorgonzola dolce

Charlie the cheeseman gives us the low-down on a great seasonal cheese for June

June cheese of the month: gorgonzola dolce


 Gorgonzola dolce

Why it’s good now

The summer solstice is upon us and this soft, gentle blue is the most sensuous cheese I know – just right for this time of year. It melts beautifully on pasta, holds its own on a cheeseboard and is perfect on the end of a celery stick for a light snack.

What it’s like

It’s softer than a ripe brie and has a subtle, rich, sticky creaminess that underpins a haze of dancing blue. It’s pure pleasure, best eaten lying down.

What it goes with

Figs, grapes and wine – lots of wine. A sweet, golden Italian passito style would work. Prosecco on a summer lawn is good, too. Or try a light Italian red such as strawberry-scented brachetto.

Where to buy

Gorgonzola dolce is widely available, but for the best quality, avoid those plastic pre-packs and buy from the deli counter at supermarkets, or from specialist cheesemongers, where they’ll cut it from a larger piece (and, often, let you try it first).

Charlie Turnbull is a cheese expert and owner of Turnbulls in Dorset


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