Lucinda’s guide to gluten-free living

Chef Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, whose son is a coeliac sufferer, offers tips on where to spot that hidden ingredient that can mean a diet disaster for some.

Lucinda’s guide to gluten-free living

Look for the crossed wheat-ear symbol on products, which means Coeliac UK has approved them as being gluten-free.

  • Use wine, not beer, in casseroles
  • Try tamari sauce in place of soy sauce
  • Add fresh stock not stock cubes
  • Cook with brown rice or quinoa instead of couscous and cracked wheat
  • To prevent delicate, home-made gluten-free pastry from breaking up, roll it out between two sheets of cling film.
  • To thicken soups, sauces and gravies, substitute an equal quantity of rice flour or cornflour for wheat flour
  • Swap wheat noodles, pasta and pearl barley with rice, buckwheat noodles or rice-and-millet pasta, beans and pulses
  • For cakes and puddings, replace plain flour with 50% rice flour, 25% ground almonds and 25%  cornflour
  • For self-raising flour, add 1 tsp gluten-free baking powder per 110g gluten-free flour. To ensure the cake is moist, light and holds together, use three eggs for every 110g flour
  • In recipes calling for barley wine, stout or ale, substitute rum, brandy, earl grey tea, wine or Grand Marnier
  • For a balanced diet, eat brown rice, quinoa and millet; pulses; gluten-free cereal, bread and pasta; and lots of veg, fruit, meat, fish, eggs and dairy produce.

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