Minutes with Thomasina Miers

Since winning BBC’s MasterChef in 2005, Ms Miers has presented TV programmes, her Mexican cantinas, Wahaca, are hugely popular, and she’s just released a new cookbook. What inspires her and where would she send every school kid if money were no object?

Minutes with Thomasina Miers

My new book is about…

Mexican food made simple! I wrote it to show you how to make this incredible food easily and simply in your kitchen at home and wow your family and friends with the results.

I fell in love with Mexico because…

the food was fresh, vibrant, healthy and exciting. I also loved the beaches, the mountains, the tequila, the music and the people.

The great thing about street food is…

it’s fun, unpretentious and cooked fresh, right in front of your eyes.

What I learned from opening a cocktail bar in Mexico City is…

sometimes you just have to embrace your fears even if what you really want to do is run in the opposite direction and hide. I also learnt that drinking good tequila DOESN’T give you a hangover, it just makes you happy. Just sip, don’t shoot!

Mexican food is my first love; my second is…

Spanish food, Italian, French, Indian, Middle-Eastern; also dancing, music, clothes, movies and friends.

When I do have a chance to go away I like to go to…

anywhere with good food, welcoming people, beautiful countryside, and perhaps a little sunshine.

I’m inspired by…

creativity and people who risk enough to go out and live their lives.

I’m depressed by…

food without taste.

If money were no object I’d…

send every school kid to Ballymaloe Cookery School for three months.

The new series of Masterchef is…




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