Pictures that make you hungry

Pictures that make you hungry
What makes you want to cook a recipe? More often than not it’s the leap-off-the-page, good-enough-to-lick photo that draws you in, followed by an enticing recipe title. When both capture your cook’s imagination and set your tastebuds tingling, that’s the prompt to dive into reading the recipe itself. Quite simply, it’s food porn, and there’s a lot of it in delicious. magazine.
If you see a story about a food producer, whether in print or online, a picture capturing the essence of the person’s life – sometimes gritty, sometimes beautiful, sometimes inspiring (or all three) – intrigues you and tempts you to read.

The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards honour the best in food photography – recipe shots, pictures of ingredients and striking images of people around the world making and producing the food we love to eat. Chair of Judges Jay Rayner commented: “What this year’s images represented was the kind of appetite that makes a hungry man like me happy.”
There were more than 6,000 entries to the 2014 awards, so competition was tough. But one image, by Yorkshire-based photographer Tessa Bunney, winner of the Philip Harben Award for Food in Action, stood out to the judges as the supreme champion. The shot depicts a woman in Laos making noodles by hand, and captures extraordinary light and movement. See the champion picture below, then read on to see the winning shots for each category – they’re an inspirational bunch…

The gallery of winners

Category: Cream of the Crop
Winner: Louise Lister (Australia)
Picture title: Spanner Crab

Category: Food in the Street
Winner: David Thompson (UK)
Picture title: Making Jian Bao

Category: Food in the Field
Winner: Manuela Ruether (Germany)
Picture title: Blue Sweetheart Cabbage

Category: Food and its Place
Winner: Jonathan Gregson (UK) 
Picture title: Coffee Roasting, Rwanda

Category: Food for Sale
Winner: Emma Wood (UK) 
Picture title: Potato Stall, Chile

Category: Food for Celebration
Winner: Tuan Nguyen (Vietnam) 
Picture title: Two Old Ladies preparing Tet Cake

Category: Food Sn-Apping, in support of Action Against Hunger
Winner: Peter Cassidy 
Picture title: Gelati

Category: Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year 2014
Winner: Jon Wyand (UK)
Picture title: Dominique Lafon tasting at his cellars

Category: StockFood Food off the Press
Winner: Caroline Martin (Germany) 
Picture title: Roasted Pigeons

Category: Food Portraiture
Winner: Nicole Branan (USA) 
Picture title: Barbecue Ribs

Category: An Apple a Day
Winner: William Hondokosumo (Indonesia) 
Picture title: A Week’s Apples

Category: Food Bloggers
Winner: Aniko Meneghinine Szabo (Italy) 
Picture title: Making Strawberry Sauce

Category: Politics of Food
Winner: Sandro Maddalena (Italy) 
Picture title: Piggeries in Garbage City, Cairo

Category: Young 15-17
Winner: Lione Clare (USA) 
Picture title: Crafting Tortillas

Category: Young 11-14
Winner: Katie Woodhouse (UK)
Picture title: Lollipop Lawn

Category: Young 10 & Under
Winner: Eden Crossley (UK) 
Picture title: Cheeky Monkey

What do you think makes a great food photograph? 
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