The delicious. Christmas food quiz 2022

When the Christmas feast is finished, it’s time to fire up the grey cells and see how you fare against the rest of the family in our big food quiz 2022, with questions set by food journalist Ashleigh Arnott. Losing team washes up!

The delicious. Christmas food quiz 2022

Quiz questions

1. Which wine-based Christmas tipple is named after the coastal city it hails from?

2. Penicillium roqueforti is used in the making of which English Christmas favourite?

3. Quality Street has been produced in the same Yorkshire market town (also known as the home of Anne ‘Gentleman Jack’ Lister) for over 85 years. Which is it?

4. Which fast food company cleverly launched an advertising campaign in 1974 that made their food a Christmas tradition in Japan?

5. All the following festive bakes involve dried fruit. Which European countries are they from?
a) Julekake
b) Bolo-rei
c) Cozonac
d) Birnbrot

6. The head of which animal was a popular centrepiece at medieval Christmas feasts (and has a 15th-century carol named after it)?
a) Stag
b) Boar
c) Sheep
d) Goose

7.  Which of these does not provide your recommended daily dose of vitamin C in one 80g portion?
a) Brussels sprouts
b) Red cabbage
c) Cranberries


8. TV personality Cheryl Baker was a member of which bubbly pop group?

9. Hannah Glasse’s 1760 book The Compleat Confectioner includes a recipe that requires calves’ feet. Which dessert is it for?
a) Christmas pudding
b) Trifle
c) Mince pies

10. In which eastern European country is it Christmas Eve tradition to throw a spoonful of kutya (cooked wheat with honey and ground poppy seeds) at the ceiling to see whether it sticks?
a) Latvia
b) Estonia
c) Ukraine
d) Romania

11. The sort of chestnuts you might find roasting on an open fire grow on the sweet chestnut tree. What are the ones from the horse chestnut tree more commonly known as?

12. In December 1989 a bird weighing 39.09kg (86lb), which had been raised in Peterborough, won the Guinness World Record for heaviest turkey. What was its name?
a) Tyrant
b) Tyrone
c) Tybalt

At the movies

1. Which film producer, best known for her work on the James Bond films, belongs to the family that shares its name with a cruciferous green vegetable?

2. Like Bond, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was created by writer Ian Fleming. What is the name of the musical confectionery that gets its own song in the film?

3. Strawberries, gin and hot sausage all feature within the lyrics of songs from which British musical?

4. Wensleydale is the favourite cheese of which animated dog-owner?

5. What is Raymond Briggs’ snowman’s nose made from?

6. What kind of pizza does Kevin McAllister order in Home Alone?


Trend or fake news?

Which five of these are real food trends that have found a following on TikTok in 2022?

  • Burnt Alaska
  • Pasta chips
  • Banana peel roll-ups
  • Marmite soft-serve
  • Biscoff tiramisu
  • Cloud bread
  • Raw ramen
  • Boosted ‘booch’
  • Butter board
  • Corn ribs

Bonus round… Edible art

Using a selection of small foods with interesting shapes – perhaps colourful chocolates or mixed nuts – create an artwork depicting a Christmas object. If you’re playing this quiz in teams, use it as an extra round: most creative effort gets an additional point

Quiz answers

1. Port 2. Stilton 3. Halifax 4. KFC 5. a) Norway b) Portugal c) Romania d) Switzerland 6. b) Boar 7. c) Cranberries [based on NHS guidelines of 40mg/day] 8. Buck’s Fizz 9. b) Trifle.“First make some very fine rich calves’ foot jelly, with which fill the dish about half the depth” 10. c) Ukraine. If the kutya sticks, it foretells a prosperous year of food production 11. Conkers 12. b) Tyrone AT THE MOVIES 1. Barbara Broccoli 2. Toot sweets 3. Oliver! 4. Wallace 5. Satsuma 6. ‘Cheese’ or margherita. Specifically “A lovely cheese pizza, all for me” TREND OR FAKE NEWS? Pasta chips Biscoff tiramisu Cloud bread (bread substitute made with beaten egg whites) Butter board Corn ribs

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