The delicious. team’s favourite wines – what’s yours?

The delicious. team’s favourite wines – what’s yours?

We are big fans of a glass of wine in the delicious. office, especially when we’re sitting down to dinner with friends, but when it comes to our favourites – the kind of wine we like is so varied.

From crisp whites to plummy reds, here are our favourite wines…

Editor Karen Barnes
My wine of the moment is Mirabeau rose. We visited the vineyard in the summer and I love the fresh crispness that manages to pack in more complexity than many southern French roses. Moving into winter, I’d probably pick a Chateau Musar red, with its rich plummy flavours and hints of creosote (I mean that in a non-off putting way!)


Deputy editor Susan Low
Well depends on what I’m eating and how much I have to spend (not much), but let’s go for palo cortado sherry…

Editorial assistant Phoebe Stone
Châteauneuf du Pape, Clos de L’Oratoire

Food editor Rebecca Woollard
Any good oaky chardonnay from the cape winelands in South Africa. Reminds me of sunny lunches under trees getting pleasantly blitzed on my honeymoon.


Deputy food editor Lottie Covell

Cookery assistant Ella Tarn
Skillogalee Riesling – I had it next to the beach in Australia and it brings back memories every time.

Art director Joss Bowerman
Toro Loco Superior Red: an award-winning, reasonably priced and tasty red wine from Aldi. They often sell out so you have to buy loads when you see it.


Art editor Martine Tinney
A cold crisp Pouilly-Fumé.

Managing editor Les Dunn
The wet kind

Deputy chief sub editor Hugh Thompson
Perhaps boringly a really good, subtly oaked chardonnay (because I cook a lot of roast chicken these days). It used to be gewurztraminer because that was the first wine I really ‘tasted’. As a new chef, my boss took me aside one evening and gave me a glass of good gewurz and talked me through the flavours. It was a revelation and quite a change from the cheap, acidic wines I was used to – suddenly I thought I understood wines (I didn’t)…

Senior sub editor Rebecca Almond
Cono Sur Bicicleta Sauvignon Blanc 2015, Chile. It’s not the fanciest, but it’s an easy drinker and tastes delicious. Great price, too.


Digital editor Rebecca Brett
I had a fantastic Clemens Busch riesling at a restaurant in Edinburgh in April, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

Assistant web producer Issie Bradford
Côtes du Rhône – I like a red wine that’s not too smooth, I want to feel like the tannin-y feeling on my tongue, rather than something that slips down without me even tasting it.

Digital intern Izzy Brimeau
As I come from New Zealand I may be slightly biased but I do believe that we have some of the best pinot noir on the market. For a country that supplies only 1% of the world’s pinot noir that is pretty impressive in my eyes. It would be far too hard to pick a single pinot – I love complex, full-bodied pinots heaving with berries and spice.


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