The Expert Guide to healthy red meat

Top tips for making sure your red meat is good for you.

The Expert Guide to healthy red meat


1. Choose lean cuts where possible, or trim visible fat from meat before cooking.

2. Opt for reduced-fat versions of mince or other meat products.

3. Butchery techniques remove much of the fat from the meat, making it suitable for quick-cooking methods such as stir-frying. Find a good butcher who can advise what to buy and how to cook it.

4. Slow-cooking at lower temperatures is a safe way to cook red meat. Chemicals created when all meats are cooked at high temperatures (such as on the barbecue) can damage our cells and make them more likely to turn cancerous.

5. Allow casseroles and stews to cool overnight, and skim off the white fat that solidifies on the surface.


Some lean meat recipes

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