Try our Plate Planner app

What’s for dinner tonight? The eternal question! And we can help you solve it.

Plate Planner is a new iOS app using delicious. recipes, designed to help you plan your weekly meals. Once you’ve picked your meals, add ingredients to a shopping list to take in-store, or go all the way through and shop directly online with your Tesco account.

Find out all about it, then head over to the App store to download the Plate Planner app. You can search ‘plate planner’ on the store, too.

Try our Plate Planner app
The Plate Planner app shown on an iPhone

What is the Plate Planner app?

Plate Planner helps you plan meals and shop instantly online to your exact requirements. Want to eat more healthily? Want to plan weekly meals? Cooking for someone with a special diet? Cooking for children? Then Plate Planner picks recipes to suit – and you can shop on or offline with the shopping list it makes for you.

It will take away the hassle of meal planning, leaving you more time to enjoy cooking, eating and socialising – more important than ever at the moment.

Plate Planner app
Sample screens from the Plate Planner iOS app

Choose the number of days you want to plan for - it could be two, it could be seven - up to you

How can Plate Planner help me?

The app will really help you think through your next meals, you can:

  • choose the number of days you want to plan for – it could be two, it could be seven – up to you. You can easily add more days or remove, too
  • decide how many people you’re cooking for, including children – the app will size up or down recipe ingredients for you and add to your shopping list
  • set exact nutritional requirements, for example, the maximum calories per day you want to eat, follow a lower-salt or a vegetarian diet…
  • set an approximate budget per person, hit search and Plate Planner will find recipes that fit all your choices
  • review the plans then easily switch out recipes that you don’t like
  • opt to skip meals – just tap to ignore, and ingredients won’t be added to your shopping list
  • take your shopping list in store, or shop directly online with Tesco

As you’d expect if you use this site, all recipes come with full nutritional information, beautiful photography and step-by-step methods. They’ve all been tested by experienced chefs, to make sure they’ll work first time for you.

Use your shopping list in any store or shop direct online with your Tesco account

What happens when I’ve chosen my menus?

You can shop online with Tesco (you’ll need to have a separate Tesco account) – or, if you prefer, just use the shopping list in any store. We’ll be offering more online shopping options in further updates.

Ready to download?

Subscription pricing and terms

Plate Planner is free to download and use for three free meal plans. If you choose to upgrade, we offer three auto-renewing options:

Upgrade to the premium subscription of £1.99 for one month, £4.99 for 3 months or £19.99 for 12 months.

Ready to download?

Download the Plate Planner app from the App store.

And once you’ve given it a try, you might like to join our private app testing group on Facebook. We also have a Facebook group where you can ask questions about the app too.

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