Pimm’s recipes: 14 ways with Pimm’s

Like the arrival of swifts in spring, the appearance of Pimm’s at parties is a reassuring sign that summer has finally arrived. That’s why, we’ve taken the liberty of finding you 14 Pimm’s recipes – not all of which are cocktails!

What’s more, the joy isn’t just in the drinking, but in the very act of piecing together its various parts; the inevitable, last-minute strawberry run, the I-know-it’s-in-here-somewhere hunt for a cucumber, and the relief of finding an unopened bottle of lemonade, all become part of the fun.

Pimm’s recipes: 14 ways with Pimm’s

There is something very personal, too, about making Pimm’s, given that any one batch will never resemble another. The booze to lemonade ratio is negotiable, as is whether to add a good glug of gin. Some swear by ginger ale as a replacement for lemonade, whilst others turbo-boost theirs with whiskey, or even tequila.

Pimm’s needn’t be reserved for drinks, so broadening our repertoire to include cakes, desserts and even breakfast can only be a good thing. I’ve searched the web for the freshest, most summery recipes but we would love to know if you have an off-piste Pimm’s recipe to rival these.

1. Taste.com’s Pimm’s no. 1 cheesecake
This smooth, Pimm’s-infused cheesecake sits on a rich, buttery base and is topped with cream, fruit and more Pimm’s – a sweet syrup.

2. Jo Wheatley’s Pimm’s traybake
Drizzled with Pimm’s syrup then iced with light, smooth buttercream, this drizzle traybake makes for the perfect (grown-up) birthday cake.


3. Little Sunny Kitchen’s Pimm’s ice lollies
No hot summer’s day is complete without Pimm’s and an ice lolly, so a combination of the two is a no-brainer.

4. Domestic Gothess’s Pimm’s fruit tarts
We all know the garnish to a Pimm’s is almost as important as the drink itself, that’s why we love these fruit-filled tarts


5. My Bite’s Pimm’s dessert
Candied cucumber filled with minted whipped cream, strawberry sorbet and delicate orange tuiles are just some of the elements of this intricate Pimm’s dessert.


6. Fuss Free Flavours’ boozy strawberry syllabub
Syllabub may have fallen out of favour in recent times but this version, made with Pimm’s-infused strawberries, is a sure-fire way to bring it back.


7. Shutterbean’s strawberry Pimm’s sorbet
There is surely no better summer dessert than a simple scoop of homemade sorbet and this strawberry one is laced with Pimm’s for a welcome boozy kick.


8. Baking Mad’s mini Pimm’s pavlovas
An easy make-ahead dessert idea with meringues and a Pimm’s-infused cream.


9. Spicy Ice Cream’s Pimm’s trifle
A truly novel take on a classic dessert, this trifle is made using Pimm’s jelly, lemon and lime syrup and ginger custard.


10. The Book and Biscuit’s Pimm’s drizzle cake
Lemon drizzle cake is a classic, and one I’d usually be reluctant to mess with but this has just the right balance of Pimm’s to lemon (and orange) juice.


11. delicious. magazine’s Pimm’s fizz
Pack a boozier punch with your cocktail by adding sparkling wine.


12. Lakeland’s Pimm’s cupcakes
There’s Pimm’s in the sponge cakes and the buttercream – double the Pimm’s = double the fun.


13. The Happy Foodie’s strawberry and Pimm’s jam
Spread on toast, spoon over vanilla ice cream or dollop on scones; you’ll want to make enough of this strawberry and Pimm’s jam to last all summer.


14. Great British Chef’s Pimm’s jelly with cucumber sorbet
This Michelin star take on jelly and ice cream is almost too beautiful to eat (double points for the addition of extra gin).


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